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April 2014 ttc thread - come on baby cupcake!

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zombiemeow Sat 03-Oct-15 10:07:43

Shiny new thread and this time I got the title right!

We're all waiting for baby cupcake to come along grin

Cupcake92 Sat 03-Oct-15 10:19:13

Haha I like the new thread ducky!! grin
Thank u!

And as for physio exercises I was only given a couple of 'light' ones and they aren't doing a great deal anymore!
I've been having period pains all morning (like I'm about to come on or like I rele need the loo but I don't! blush ) so I thing somethings happening just it's happening very slowly.

zombiemeow Sat 03-Oct-15 10:31:30

That is exactly how I felt with dd! I felt like that at around 9pm then I had her at 5.08am the next morning grin maybe the pineapple worked!

Cupcake92 Sat 03-Oct-15 11:26:50

Well I'm off to get some more fresh pineapple just after lunch grin gets me walking a bit and also I'll scoff it as an afternoon snack grin

Cupcake92 Sat 03-Oct-15 16:07:51

I've eaten half a pineapple then I'll have the other half at bed time smile
I know something feels different because I've not had a nap today! I don't feel exhausted like l have done for months! I don't even feel like I need a nap which is strange!

zombiemeow Sat 03-Oct-15 18:03:06

Ooohhh it must be soon!!! I really hope you go into labor before induction. When is your appt?

Cupcake92 Sat 03-Oct-15 18:57:31

My appts on Wednesday at 9:30am. Ideally I'd love to have gone into labour before so I don't have to sit and argue for an induction date grin I have a scan to see how much he weighs before seeing my consultants. I'm nervous about that! confused hoping he's not too big!

zombiemeow Sat 03-Oct-15 19:57:30

I have ds dietitian and dds post mortem appt that day.

Fingers tightly crossed for you, and I hope he's not too big!

Cupcake92 Sat 03-Oct-15 21:34:06

Big day for u as well then ducky flowers hope it goes well for u too.

I'm wide awake :/ normally I can't stay awake and would be half asleep by now! But tonight I'm wide awake! If it wasn't night time and DS wasn't in bed I'd probably use this time to hoover the whole house lol!

Cupcake92 Sat 03-Oct-15 21:37:07

Oh no ducky!! I've just checked the old thread to see where everyone is!!
Lulu has made a new thread in antenatal and posted a link!! I think we are the only ones on this thread grin

This is her link

Shall we go and see if they are there?

Cupcake92 Sun 04-Oct-15 10:38:48

I think Lulu is coming over to this thread now Ducky smile

Hope ur okay this morning!

Cupcake92 Sun 04-Oct-15 20:15:49

Is everyone okay?

Still no sign of labour for me! sad
Still had a few random period type pains today that's it tho :/

zombiemeow Sun 04-Oct-15 20:21:16

Ahh soon cupcake soon! I posted on the old thread as I didn't know if everyone was on lulus thread. I couldn't find it in conception and the links don't take you to the app so I couldn't get on it!

Cupcake92 Sun 04-Oct-15 20:33:59

I think he's playing games with me grin

No ones posted on lulu's she's said she's going to pop over on this thread. I left her the link and also posted the link to this one
On our old thread smile

zombiemeow Sun 04-Oct-15 21:14:08

Ohh yes I was meant to say I can't link as I'm on the app!

Have you seen your mw recently? Has she mentioned if she thinks ds2 will come soon?

Cupcake92 Sun 04-Oct-15 21:30:51

Omg I totally forgot I see my midwife on Friday! Thank u for reminding me!! grin
But of course I'll have my appt at hospital 1st and get an induction date.
Hopefully midwife could do an internal? She's never done one on me before but maybe if I ask just to see what's cracking on?
Just wish Wednesday would hurry up so I can get this date!

zombiemeow Mon 05-Oct-15 09:18:40

I don't know if they do internals until certain dates, I hated them!

Ds actually slept really well last night! He slept through until 4.45 which is the best he has done ever I think!

Cupcake92 Mon 05-Oct-15 10:53:58

I know they say at 41 weeks internals :/ but was hoping I'd be allowed grin then again maybe at my appt on Wednesday they may check me for dilation? As i apparently need
To be dilated to be induced. (Tho I've
Researched this and actually they can induce me without dilation)

And wow well done to ur DS!! That's great sleep!! grin

Cupcake92 Mon 05-Oct-15 12:40:01

Eugh I'm so fed up sad I'm still getting period type belly ache/belly ache like I need the loo but I when I go and try I can't! blush tmi sorry!! It only lasts for like a minute if that.
But they aren't regular pains just keep having random belly ache here and there.
Just hope it means somethings going on in there or maybe I'm dilating or thinning out or something!

zombiemeow Mon 05-Oct-15 20:09:45

How frustrating for you! It sounds like something can't be far off happening!

That's rubbish about having to be dilated to be induced. I was never once checked before my induction actually started. They even offered to induce me at 36 weeks.

And there is different ways of doing an induction depending on where you are at anyway.

It's good you have done your research, arm yourself with information before going in smile

Cupcake92 Mon 05-Oct-15 21:16:50

It's very frustrating :/ ready to just have him out now.
And I have to be armed with info or I'll not get my induction :p lol! I'll be over the moon if I get it next week at 38 weeks!

Where's Lulu? Hope she's okay.

And I hope everyone else finds the thread! confused

zombiemeow Mon 05-Oct-15 21:28:50

And me confused seems very quiet! Maybe the builders are keeping her busy!

Have you got a date picked you would like?

Cupcake92 Mon 05-Oct-15 21:34:13

Too quiet! confused
Ah yes, maybe the head builder is back?
Hopefully they have almost finished the work smile

And well I'm 38 weeks exactly next Friday 16th, so ideally that Friday smile
Would work out well for DS as my DM is off
Friday, Saturday and Sunday so she won't have any problems in looking after DS. I'd be home before she'd be back at work.
smile so gonna beg for that day!! grin

zombiemeow Mon 05-Oct-15 21:57:23

No cupcake don't beg.... Demand! grin how has ds been sleeping recently?

LuluJakey1 Mon 05-Oct-15 22:22:40

I have asked MNHQ to delete the other thread I started so as not to confuse anyone.

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