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38 days since period...

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Sadie91 Fri 02-Oct-15 21:29:59

Hey guys, just looking for a bit of advice, it's been 38 days since my last period, I have had headaches, nausea, cramping, back ache, really bad spots, craving food I don't normally eat and I took a test the other day but it was negative.
Still feeling different and still no AF and temp is going from 37.4-38.9.
Not really sure what to think now, am I just being paranoid?

mascaraisamust Sat 03-Oct-15 07:34:27

How late is this for you? How long have your been ttc? Have your done a FRER?

Sadie91 Sat 03-Oct-15 08:56:04

To be honest I've never really tracked my periods as they were always regular...never just skipped a whole month, unless i was pregnant.
My last was August 26th.
I did a clear blue about 4 days ago and it was negative hmm
I just feel different, if you know what I mean. There's a constant pressure on the lower part of my stomach, I keep getting little shooting pains down the bottom sides of my pelvis. Not crazy painful but enough to make me stop what I'm doing.
I don't know if I'm wanting it to happen so I'm noticing things that aren't really symptoms and over thinking them? Xxx

Sadie91 Sat 03-Oct-15 12:26:22

Also I have noticed that in the last few days (TMI alert) I have had stretchy clear discharge...
If that was for ovulation surely 39 days past last period is a bit late? :/

Sadie91 Mon 05-Oct-15 08:55:59

Day 41....BFN confused

FishWithABicycle Mon 05-Oct-15 09:20:44

How old are you? (Sorry to ask)
Cycles doing crazy things can happen as you get older.

Zippidydoodah Mon 05-Oct-15 09:33:48

I'm similar, Sadie. Fish- I'm 35 if that makes a difference?!

Hope you get answers soon!

Sadie91 Mon 05-Oct-15 13:29:46

I'll be 24 next month. Xx

Zippidydoodah Mon 05-Oct-15 17:47:21

I'm starting to think mine might be thyroid related, or maybe anaemia related... was never a hypochondriac before Doctor Google....

Zippidydoodah Mon 05-Oct-15 17:48:24

Sadie- I also had stretchy clear egg White cm in early pregnancy. How sensitive is the test you used?

Sadie91 Mon 05-Oct-15 17:57:49

I've used clear blue :/ still nothing today, have been cramping for over a week. Still get nauseous.
No idea what's going on!
Frustrating isn't it? Xxx

Zippidydoodah Mon 05-Oct-15 21:08:51

Hi Sadie, yes it sucks! Don't think clear blue are particularly sensitive. Super drug or first response are better. Hope you get the result you want! flowers

Sadie91 Mon 05-Oct-15 22:11:39

Oh! I always thought they were meant to be good! Should have researched a bit more lol
Thanks Hun, you to, coming up to 42 days now...X

Sadie91 Mon 05-Oct-15 22:12:13

Have you had a bfn? X

Zippidydoodah Mon 05-Oct-15 22:40:31

Thank you! smile

Yes, I've had one or two or six I get a little obsessed!! blush

Sadie91 Mon 05-Oct-15 22:45:13

Haha I know the feeling! I've done three now...!!

Sadie91 Tue 06-Oct-15 15:59:39

Still nothing....keep cramping and thinking AF is here but nada...
This is annoying now lol

lollyb20 Tue 06-Oct-15 16:07:56

Hi sadie i am the exact same!! Same symptoms negative tests my last period was 28th august! Horrible aint it i just want something to happen! X

Sadie91 Tue 06-Oct-15 18:19:36

Yep! Driving me nuts, i just want to know either way.
My last started on the 26th August X

lollyb20 Tue 06-Oct-15 18:31:18

Your telling me im only 2 days behind you! X

Sadie91 Tue 06-Oct-15 18:32:35

Hopefully soon!
I thought it was going to happen today as my legs were aching but nope, still nothing X

Zippidydoodah Tue 06-Oct-15 20:53:42

I'm the same, except for the fact that I now have no symptoms whatsoever, of either pregnancy or period on its way. Very confusing!

lollyb20 Tue 06-Oct-15 21:30:07

Ahh my legs and knees have been acheing too.

Sadie91 Tue 06-Oct-15 21:32:31

Zippy, how longs your usually cycle?
I normally get sore thighs when I'm on but currently just getting random aches here and there.

Zippidydoodah Wed 07-Oct-15 05:30:14

Hi, my cycle is 30 days usually!!

Symptoms have returned; I feel sick, my boobs are fuller....

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