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Mrspopper Wed 30-Sep-15 07:25:19

I've been using ovulation sticks as my cycle has been a bit erratic. I don't get any positives. Now a day or two before my period is due I have a positive. Well confused! Any thoughts? Thank you.

jellybelly85 Wed 30-Sep-15 09:16:46

Very strange. It may be, if your cycles are being erratic (which is perfectly normal btw) that you're going to have a longer cycle this time round and are just about to ovulate. I would dtd to cover all bases.

If AF is delayed by 1-2 weeks, this would suggest you ovulated later this cycle - if AF comes in the next few days, try not to worry and focus on the next cycle.

ShowOfHands Wed 30-Sep-15 09:19:59

You could be ovulating late or more likely, you are due to start your period and the surge you're picking up is nothing to do with ovulation.

Ovulation sticks don't tell you that you are ovulating, only that there's a surge of hormones that my lead to ovulation.

Are your cycles very erratic? If they are, it's likely that you aren't ovulating and this would be backed up by the lack of positive OPKs. I think a quick trip to your GP could be in order if you've been trying for a while and your cycle remains all over the place with no signs of ovulation.

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