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Emmsys Weebles - The one we keep going!

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4everhopeful Tue 29-Sep-15 19:32:15

Well ladies, as requested, let's keep it going, even if it's few and far between! Our little greenhouse still has the door open for all weebles past and present! smile

Chintaria Tue 29-Sep-15 20:56:12

Hooray, well done 4ever grin
How are your gorgeous dc's? Mine are great - L is starting to talk a bit and is racing round like there's no tomorrow & C is making me v proud by being lovely and even at times incredibly polite!!
Hope the other weebles find our new greenhouse smile

4everhopeful Tue 29-Sep-15 21:49:42

Aw yay you found it! smile couldn't do the link cos the other thread was full but emailed MN so hopefully they can help! We are all good! Wow can't believe L is racing about and starting to talk! Teddy is really slow with his speech, Summer was the same but she's more than making up for it now so I'm not worried! Yay, it would be great to keep this going cos we've all shared so much.. Hope you're doing ok yourself now hun? Can you believe Christmas is not far off! Neeko come find us and share how organised you are already grin Ive managed a few pressies so far thanks to Argos 3 for 2 deal! wink

SabsFabulous Tue 29-Sep-15 22:41:39

Yay thanks 4ever

Marking my place, getting cosy for the Autumn smile

Chintaria Wed 30-Sep-15 10:29:14

Hi all smile
I wrote a massive long post on my phone before, and then lost it angry, so shall attempt to write it again!!

4ever L is slow with her speech too I think - i have a friend whose daughter was born a couple of weeks before L, and at 19 months was singing Happy Birthday to her dad... L can say about 10 words, but some of them only we know what she means grin She can however say an almost perfect au revoir <preens proudly> which actually has nothing to do with me, but must come from her childminder. C was v slow, but had hearing problems, so I am just relieved to have a child who's saying a little more a little earlier smile
I'm doing okay thanks, still incredibly sad and feeling bereft about what happened earlier this year. Although we were told that we shouldn't try again because of how poorly I get, it's massively on my mind. I know that if I fall pg again though, that dh would be very concerned and unable to be happy, and my dad and dh's mum would be positively cross due to the danger to me. I think your brain blocks out how bad things get though - I am seriously thinking now that of course I could get through it, whereas in reality I think I could have died the last time as I was so very ill. What do you think anyone? Need some sense talking to me I think...

Right, onto a happier subject - Christmas grin Neeko are you really organised already? I am getting very excited, and have ordered loads of stuff already. I'm having an operation on my legs at the end of November, and as there are going to be 15 of us for Christmas at ours this year wine I need to be completely organised before I go into hospital. Have got most of the stocking stuff done, and a fair few pressies, I cannot wait!!

How are you doing Sabs? Happy Birthday to S grin What are you going to do for her b'day? Can't believe she's so grown up already!!

4everhopeful Wed 30-Sep-15 13:35:33

Aw yay sabs you found us too! grin

Chintaria oooh my lovely that's a decision only you can make.. It's definitely a hard one, you were very ill weren't you? It's only natural your nearest and dearest are gonna be super protective of you, but you know how much you can truly rake, emotionally and physically.. For me, it was the fact we had made the decision we were complete, and I feel awful to say it but as the last pregnancy wasn't planned, and ended up ectopic with all the health worry, it just concreted the decision for DH to have the snip.. I occasionally have moments I wonder what if, but I know I couldn't do it again, but only you know if you could.. On a different note, what op are you having on your legs? Is it veins? Had mine done in May and once healed, was sooooo worth it! smile Also trying to be organised as poss for Christmas and got a few bits, it's all about staggering cost more than anything! I'm trying to go quality over quantity! Summer is really into Minecraft of all things so hasn't a humongous list thankfully! grin

4everhopeful Wed 30-Sep-15 17:48:37

The lovely MN ladies have said they can add a link to the end of the old thread! grin Big flowers to them! grin

Chintaria Wed 30-Sep-15 18:29:54

Great news, they are fab grin

4everhopeful Wed 30-Sep-15 22:20:49

Happy 6th birthday to S our first girl graduate Sabs! grin Only just realised it was today! Xx

moonmrs Thu 01-Oct-15 20:17:42

I found you! Thank goodness for the lovely ladies adding the new link, thank you smile and thank you 4ever for starting a new one, I was genuinely upset about the thought of not keeping this going. Don't have time to say much more so marking my place and promise to be back soon xxxx

Neeko Fri 02-Oct-15 21:58:03


I lost the old thread and had to trawl through the conception threads to find you. I can't work out how to search on the new app.

Thanks for the new thread 4ever

Chintaria I can only imagine how much the past few months have messed with your mind and emotions. It's very hard to listen to your head when your heart is blaring out another tune. All I can suggest is that your two lovely children who you tuck into bed at night really, really need you and during your last pregnancy you were unable to do all the things you do for them each day.
I think every one of us understands that feeling of incompleteness. My little lo would have been 6 last Sunday. I thought of him in the morning before we went in to sing Happy Birthday to DD1. I had a little tearful moment but this was definitely the easiest year and I didn't think of him again all day, nor feel guilty later when I realised. It has taken me until this year to be at peace with it all and what I've been through is nothing compared to you. I think I'm essentially saying give yourself time. smile

Hi 4ever. How are you? I have started Christmas organising but I'm nowhere near as organised as usual. I usually really go overboard with the DC and I'm trying hard to reign it in as the house is very full and they won't part with anything!
I'm planning on starting writing my cards soon though!
I just love the whole planning, preparing,wrapping etc.

Hi to Sabs and Moon. Hope all is well with you both.

Well, my big girl was 9 last week. I can hardly believe it. I can really see her changing. Can anyone tell me how to press pause??
The wee one is loving school and is coming in so quickly. I was at a meeting at school this week and they are both doing so well. I'm a very proud mummy.

Neeko Fri 02-Oct-15 22:07:20

I just found the end of the last thread and it made me cry!

Sorry I missed Rumour's DS2's birthday and both S and J's birthdays. Hope they all had a lovely time.
Sorry I also missed some sad anniversaries. It is lovely to have some place to come to remember.

Neeko Mon 12-Oct-15 08:58:53

Did I finally kill the thread???

moonmrs Mon 12-Oct-15 19:15:32

Nooo I'm here! I am just so busy and I keep checking in on you all but never have time to post properly. One day....

Feelabitsickaboutthis Mon 12-Oct-15 19:40:26

No you didn't neeko grin I try to check the thread too, but never seem to get chance to post!! Your girls sound gorgeous, and yes, if you find out how to press pause please do share grin C is 8 already, with feet almost as big as me(and I have big feet!) - where did those cute baby days go?!?
Thanks for your advice by the way, and yours too 4ever. I'm still a bit all over the place sad
How are you moon? How is little J, and your girls neeko? Hope all is well with everyone...
Things are fine here, but the year is whizzing by far too fast. I turn 40 on 1st Nov, and am feeling really weird about it. Think I would be feeling better if the mc hadn't happened this year perhaps, but anyway, feeling pretty emotional about it which is a surprise as I thought I'd be fine!
Must go but love to all xxx

Neeko Wed 14-Oct-15 07:22:35

Hey you two. smileGlad I didn't kill it!

Moon hope you are busy for all the right reasons.

Feelabit Another name change! I keep meaning to change mine but can never think of anything to change it to.
Sorry to hear you are still feeling all over the place. The birthday won't really be helping. I'm only a few months younger than you so I'm also feeling a bit weird about my next birthday. Lots of my friends who have already turned 40 say it's fine when it happens. I just always thought I'd have done "more" by the time it came which is silly because I've generally had a lovely life so far (not terribly exciting, but exciting isn't really me!)
Are you planning anything special?

I'm doing well with the Christmas stuff now. I've been quietly buying for weeks and read everything out to DH last night. He was quite impressed by how far on I am. He joked that if they suddenly announced that Christmas was next week, I could finish the shopping this weekend. I'm not THAT far on well seen he has no idea how much effort it all really takes wink next term is always so busy at work in terms of marking that it makes me much less stressed and grumpy to be halfway organised by the October break. The older I get, the more I realise that I don't cope with stress well.
School doesn't finish until the 23rd this year which is late for us and another reason why I need to be organised. I'm very much looking forward to the nice calm week after the hullabaloo is over. The more time you have off before Christmas, the more you seem to find to do...

Right, I'm off to think about leaves changing colour and Halloween to get my seasons into perpective! grin

Cloud if you are still out there then please let us know how everything is going. How many weeks now?

Feelabitsickaboutthis Wed 14-Oct-15 09:43:03

That's me outed then grin Was a name change to start a potentially embarrassing thread blush I'll change back grin

Neeko I am hugely impressed. I had a good start but in a bit of a lil now so need to get cracking!! When do you write cars if you do them?

Feelabitsickaboutthis Wed 14-Oct-15 09:47:39

Sorry, just reread that grin Got L pressing keys as I type!! I meant lull & cards, haha!

Rumours Wed 14-Oct-15 14:43:15

Hi found you!!!!
Neeko I'm impressed with your Christmas shopping and I've seen you pop up on the bargain christmas threads. I've just got my boys to do and I can enjoy doing that now everything else is done.

Feelabit I can be very logical about your situation and say don't have anymore, enjoy what you have, (which I'm sure you do), 2 amazing children. But I'm not taking into account your emotions. I too have thought about a 3rd, but 2 with autism is enough. Chances are any future children would have autism too. While it's not the end of the world it is very hard work, and I know my family would be cross as they can see what it does to me.

I had a diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy yesterday, will start meds now and hopefully things will settle back down. I can't wait to get my driving licence back, I think that's the hardest part. Will have to wait a year though.

On a positive note we are going to be on tv. I got nominated for a real hero award. Neeko you should know what I mean if you watch it on stv. Me and the boys were filmed last month. Dreading seeing the programme as I'm overweight just now (stress and comfort eating), but can't wait to see the boys.

Ok need to go now, this post is way too long x

4everhopeful Thu 15-Oct-15 20:02:06

Apparently today is national baby loss awareness day.. My mum saw a big thing on loose women bless her.. Only just seen, but people are lighting candles at 7pm tonight and letting them burn for at least an hour.. This time last year I just found out I was pregnant with our 9th, so am really remembering our 7 angel babies.. Has been in my head lots cos was chatting about it with friends yesterday, then David got all clear from vasectomy, so tinged with mix of emotions that our baby making days are truly over, then culminating with mum showing me loose women today and the whole baby loss awareness day, which has an emotional looking documentary on TLC tonight at 10pm, self filmed by a couple that had 5 mc.. Anyway, had to post... All seemed to poignant not too.. Xxxxxxxxx

Neeko Sat 17-Oct-15 08:42:38


Sorry I didn't see your post 4ever as I would have definitely lit a candle yesterday. Hugs for your sad anniversary.

Rumours glad to hear that you have had a definite diagnosis as it means you can begin treatment and get it under control but sorry to hear you have the condition. How badly is it affecting you?
Very excited about having a celebrity on our midst. Congratulations on your nomination. Always knew you were a mum in a million! smileplease let me know when you will be on TV. I know how I'll be voting.

Feelslike Ahem, I may have written all some of my Christmas cards already blush. To be fair DD2 got a Disney Christmas film through the Disney rewards scheme and wanted to watch it so I wrote some whilst the house was feeling festive had previously hidden away in the spare room to write the others.
I do realise that makes me sound like a real freak but at nearly 40 I've gotten good at recognising how stressed I become mainly due to the pressure I put on myself. I'm a much nicer person if I can limit the stress by doing things early. I've tried not to feel pressured but it doesn't work for me and my inner to-do list goes into overdrive and drives me crazy. This way when I'm stressing about Christmas and marking and housework and quality family time etc etc I can calm things by putting a big tick next to the cards on my inner to-do list.

Oops. Sorry for the big confession there!

4everhopeful Sat 17-Oct-15 09:15:20

Lol Neeko I do relate! grin I definitely have an inner to do list on a timer, so appear to be ridiculously organised when it's just to stop the inner stress of not being! Of course I'm also a huge kid that's very excited by Christmas too! grin However although cards are brought, there not yet written! Prezzies coming along nicely though! wink

Rumours wow you so deserve that nomination! grin We've always said you were a mum in a million! Wish I could get STV down here cos I'd definitely be voting.. Sorry to hear your definite diagnosis, and rough to be without your car, but hopefully the meds will do the trick.. My friend has it and meds are just right now and she's been seizure free and driving again for years..

Ahhh feelabit don't fear 40! Just think of all you have achieved! Mine was in March, and I honestly don't feel that different, just use it as an excuse to celebrate your life thus far, your 2 beautiful children, your lovely hubby, health, home, work.. Of course you've been through a terrible time with all the losses, but although for me it wasn't a conscious decision, in fact only really thought this as I write it, but it's also like closing the door on that chapter of my life too, did actually spend most of my thirties being pregnant thinking about it.. Think spending my forties enjoying our babies and our lives are quite a sheer relief tbh! wink Just plan something fun, me and DH had a lovely very rare date day at a beautiful hotel Spa and lunch day with massage and manicure, then picked kids up and big family and friends meal in evening, then DDDH surprised me with weekend in Brighton at a seafront hotel for the 4 of us! Treat it as an excuse to be spoilt! You definitely deserve it smile

Moon busy lady.. How you doing? Have you applied for Js nursery place yet? Am I right in thinking he'd be a September starter? Can't believe I've just done Teddy's!

Sabs guess you'd of just done Zs? Any more thoughts of little ones for you?

Cloud yes, come back and let us know how you're getting on!

Right better get up having rare lazy morning, still in bed, bliss, kids wreaking havoc in rooms in between quick snuggles with me and alternated bed bouncing! grin

CloudOfStarlings Wed 21-Oct-15 22:43:59

Hi ladies!! I'm so sorry I kept reading the thread but couldn't log in cos I couldn't remember my password and always a hassle to reset it..I've just done it though, what a faff since mn got hacked we need so many rules to our passwords so I'm sure I'll forget it again grin

Anyway thanks for keeping the thread going.. All is fine here, am 28 weeks tomorrow, third trimester shock can't believe how fast it's going. I'm trying to be organised for Christmas too as baby is coming so soon after but I'm not doing too well!! I haven't bought any baby stuff either! Need so much as its my first winter baby, it will actually need pyjamas and blankets and snow suits and grobags?! Both DS were born in heat waves so this will be odd!
We are also not settled on any boys names so may need to start a thread about that soon!!

Hope everyone is OK, always lovely to read your news.. chintaria thinking of you a lot XXX and rumours sorry to hear about the diagnosis but bring on being able to drive again!! 4ever yes I saw lots about baby loss awareness week too, a few friends posting messages on social media that made me realise they'd been there too..its always so much more common than we know! My little sister miscarried a few weeks ago too, v early on in the pregnancy but still a heartbreak as we all know sad Hera would have been due just a few months after mine, same school makes it harder..

Lots of love to all will pop back again soon xxx

bluesatinsash Fri 23-Oct-15 22:56:54

Hello everyone,

I have a rare night in to myself and have been meaning to re log in following the hacking etc so have done and found you all again smile

You're all always in my thoughts and I am lucky to keep updated with the majority on FB but know not all are on so wanted to post to say I'm still here, still older than most of you (40? Pah! Try 44! wink and still thoughtful and wistful of the journey we've all been on.

Have you heard of the phrase "rainbow baby"? It's a bit hippy American but it refers to babies born after mc and there's some lovely stories and photos online celebrating them. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all get together in a big picture with all ours! A testament to never giving up! It does make me stop sometimes and look at B and just stop and think and savour his presence.

I'll try and post more from now on but wanted to give a big hug to you all and especially mrsmoon. moon. I'm undertsking coaching at my work and am training to become a work related mentor and even if I wasn't I'm more than happy to be your sounding board via email. You are one amazing woman, working full time and trying to do right by your DH and DS and I'm worried about you. Private message me anytime and I'll give you my email xx

Have uploaded some recent pics of DS's now 9 and 5. B is rocking school, so glad we deferred him smile

Love to neeko 4ever rumours (tell me when the programme is on and it's probably on I player for those not in Scotland!) cloud shroom and everyone past and present xxxx

moonmrs Sat 31-Oct-15 13:33:49

A flying visit again, just to say thank you to Blue for your kind words and please don't worry about me, I really am ok just tired and worn out. It's better than the possible alternative where I wouldn't have had my little J and then life would have been very different. It's good to see you posting you've been missed.
Cloud you are so far along already! Very sad news about your sister, so sorry to hear that, always makes me feel sad for people even when I don't know them.
Big waves to everyone else, sorry for lack of personals, must try harder!
Back soon.

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