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Feeling a bit low...Baby #1 conceived first month of on attempt month 5 for it because of C-Section?

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Corrin Wed 12-May-04 16:55:13

Am feeling a bit low today...did a test yesterday and was negative..don't feel like I'm pregnant at all.

Have read some of the other topics and I know there's loads of people in the same boat and that I was incredibly lucky the first time round...but can't get why? out of my head.

Tried to go through the 'what's changed'...clearly am somewhat more tired and busy now, had to have a c-section with dd (20 months...not sure what else.

Have been to GP...who says have not been trying long (which I know) but feels like ages because we were so lucky the first time round...

Anybody know whether c-section can have altered things?
Anybody know how I can be sure I'm ovulating?

sykes Wed 12-May-04 16:58:42

I had two c sections so, for me, it certainly didn't alter anything and was never mentioned as a potential problem. Although I had miscarriages before my dds I didn't have a problem conceiving after first child - I was very lucky. However, have many friends who were less fortunate and had to wait quite a while before second conception. Don't they say wait a year and then consult GP/if you're really worried talk to your GP. Lots of luck.

Corrin Wed 12-May-04 17:01:58

Thanks Sykes...nice to know that's not likely to be an issue. None of my 'mum' girends are in the same boat...either didn't have c-section or have concevied very quickly #2...

aloha Wed 12-May-04 17:11:37

Getting pg is really a matter of luck and timing. Five months is no time at all really. How old are you? Instead of thinking, 'what's wrong with me this time' you could think, "I was incredibly lucky first time". I think it is extremely unlikely it is anything to do with your body, but just one of those thing.

Corrin Wed 12-May-04 17:15:57

Am 30...

futurity Wed 12-May-04 17:42:48

I am in the same preg first time trying with DS and now been trying 6 months..I also had a C-Section. I asked doctor and he said it makes no difference. My cycles are different though to how they used to be so I put that down to having child or maybe just the reaction to coming off the pill. I know how you feel though

smellymelly Wed 12-May-04 17:57:45

If you have a reasonably regular cycle, you could try persona. Quite pricey but it tells you exactly when you will ovulate, if you will ovulate and when af is due etc. Worked for me!!!

EvanMom Wed 12-May-04 21:29:02

I'm the opposite - it took seven months to conceive ds1. Emergency C-Section for ds1. Fell pregnant with ds2 in the first month of trying for #2 (which incidentally was seven months after ds1 born!). In my case a C-section seems to have improved things!!

Ghosty Wed 12-May-04 21:38:19

Corrin ... I was in the same boat. I got pregnant twice in the first month of trying (the second time I had an M/C) and then it took me 6 months to get pregnant with DD. It was very disheartening. I went to the doctor and asked about the c/section a) causing my M/C and b) stopping me from conceiving. My doctor said it was highly unlikely.
But she did say that we go through cycles of ovulating regularly and not ... and we wouldn't know it unless we were trying for a baby ... she thought that my cycle was a bit up the spout and it would come right. She suggested I took a break for 3 months and then try again ... and guess what? 2 weeks later after talking to the doctor I did a test and I was pregnant!
Hang in there ....
Hugs xx

Khara Wed 12-May-04 21:38:27

I conceived at the first go with ds1, but took 9 months of trying to become pregnant second time. I didn't have a c/s first time, but after a while became convinced there was something up and went out and bought an opk to check if I was ovulating. Funnily enough, that was the month ds2 was conceived, but I don't think it was the opk, as it had me ovulating on the very day I would have expected to anyway.
I think it's just one of those things and usually takes the average couple anything up to a year, we were just very lucky first time.

Zerub Wed 12-May-04 21:44:52

Fertility Friend has lots of (complicated) info on how to tell if you're ovulating.

- you can use ovulation predictor kits that will tell you that you are about to ovulate (and probably will but its not 100% certain)

- you can take your temperature every morning - after you ovulate it goes up by 0.2 or a degree, or so, until your AF comes

- you can start examining your cervical mucus

- your doctor can do endless blood tests.

If your cycle is regular then you probably are ovulating. Have you been on the pill? Sometimes takes a while to start ovulating again afterwards.

BigBird Thu 13-May-04 09:50:08

Corrin, I was in a similar situation. Conceived in 3 mths the first time and it took 16 months the second time. I know so many couples that it is taking a year or more for their second or third. I agree you should think how lucky you were the first time. I would recommend temping for a few mnths (you can buy the temping kit in boots) and you will soon see if you are ovulating or not. Also check out the fertilityfriend website and you can download a handbook from there which gives you a good rundown of things you can do. Finally - join the ttc6 thread...there is great support there and lots of women in similar situations to you.
Good luck and hope it happens soon for you.

motherinferior Thu 13-May-04 09:56:29

Honey, it took me no time to conceive number one - she wasn't planned - and six months for number two. IMO the only thing that's likely to have changed is the opportunity for sex - don't forget that!

Piffleoffagus Thu 13-May-04 10:13:16

I conceived my first two really quickly as well and ttc this time has been so hit and miss, cycle is very up and down, plus opportunities are few and far between, also previously I never felt any pressure as once was unplanned and the 2nd was lets see how it goes, if we get pregnant then great! And we did within 2 weeks. but this tiem as we have decided we want another one within a year, the pressure is on, I feel very nervous about it, and I had two natural births earlier too

ChicPea Thu 13-May-04 13:44:21

Hi Corrin! Don't worry, it will happen. I had C Section as DD breech and got pregnant in first month of trying when she was 4mths. I was tired, stressed as DH family had stayed for 4weeks over Christmas (and you won't believe what I put up with) but my body still managed it. So don't worry about being tired although maybe you could have a day time nap when your DD has one. Don't know your cycle but egg is usually midway. So for a 28 day cycle it will show around day 13/14. The signs are thick discharge the day before and on the day (did you know that this is to trap the sperm?!) and an incredible thirst the day before. I know this from using Persona as a contraceptive and getting the egg sign when testing my urine. The egg shows for 2 days on this machine although I think it has 36 hours waiting time. Are you getting enough iron from your food and are you eating enough protein?

Corrin Thu 13-May-04 19:35:37

Do you know what I think you're all great...reading/talking here really makes a difference.

Thank you for your notes.

Period came today and have been feeling lousy (plus went for a makeover at Bobby Brown to cheer me up and ended up looking like girls world!..didn't help!)

I think I might go and get a Ov Kit (though I was not keen at first...trying not to make it too scientific)...

AM planning some nice stuff too...hubbie taking me away for anniversary..

Well here's to next month's trying!

Corrin Thu 13-May-04 19:40:17

By the way...have regular cycle about 28 days...not sure whether ovulating regularly...think I may have had early mc last month (period a couple of days late...v unusual)..

katierocket Thu 13-May-04 19:43:32

corrin, I've been watching this thread with real interest. I'm desperate to get pg (have one ds 2.6) We're got added problem of DP being on antidepressants which makes it really difficult to <ahem>...ejaculate.

futurity Thu 13-May-04 19:47:10

katierocket: DS was conceived first month trying whilst DH was on antidepressants so it can be done despite that annoying side effect!

Joffy Thu 13-May-04 19:56:15

I strongly recommend the following book: "Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement and Reproductive Wealth" by Toni Weschler. You can get it on Amazon.
It explains how to target the time you can get pregnant which can be only a couple of days a month. Two of the techniques are a bit yucky but it's all natural and makes sense.
I tried to get pregnant for 18 months then within 4 months of getting this book I got pregnant. I am using the techniques again to try for a second one and if only my dh wouldn't keep going on business trips at vital times I'm sure it would have worked again!

katierocket Thu 13-May-04 20:14:27

futurity, thank you thank you thank you! you've given me hope.

It's soooo frustrating. did your DH have same *problem*?

futurity Fri 14-May-04 07:47:41

yeap! he had been taking them for a few months when we started trying so was smack bang in the middle of all the side effects...I thought it was never going to happen as things in that department were difficult. We just had to make extra..erm...effort *blush* but it can be done!

The laugh is he is now off them and we are still trying for baby after 6 months!

bunny2 Fri 14-May-04 19:11:18

Corrin, 5 months isnt that long but I can appreciate, from personal experience, it seems like forever. I'd definately recommend charting using the Fertility Friend website. It should give you clear signs of whether or not you are actually ovulationg. With ds I got pg straight away, then with #2 I got pg first month of trying (unfortunaltey miscarried). After that I presumed I'd get pregnant again very easiliy but after 2 years I still hadnt so I went to see my doctor. Apparently I wasnt ovulating so I am really glad I went to see him. After a low dose of fertility drugs I got pg second month of trying. Good luck.

ReallyHip Wed 26-May-04 20:34:24

These messages are all fab. "Pes" sent me the link to this thread and am very interested particularly in the book suggested by "Joffy". Will also check out the "fertility friend" link suggested by "Zerub".

Tommy Wed 26-May-04 20:54:45

Hang in there Corrin! My experience is: DS1 conceived after a drunken night - first time ever in my life not used contraception. Had pregnancy scare when he was 5 months and so disappointed I wasn't pregnant we started trying for number 2. Took 6 months to get pg again! I'm sure a lot of it is about relaxing and trying not to worry about it.
Good luck

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