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TTC #1 coming off the pill in December - anyone else in the same boat?!

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shelbTa Mon 28-Sep-15 08:22:07


I am going to be coming off the pill after ten years plus on it after my pack finishes in December. Excited but also terrified about what my body is going to do once I'm without all the hormones!

Anyone else doing the same roughly the same time?

Shelb x

(Hope this goes through struggling to post)

purplesmiler Mon 28-Sep-15 09:32:30

Hi shel I am in a similar position hoping to start TTC for the first time towards the end of the year however I have to be honest and say we are talking so much about it that I wouldn't be suprised if we start a bit before then. I am on the pill too so it may take a little time for my cycles to become regular. We have a holiday in 5 weeks so from then who knows.

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 28-Sep-15 11:11:34

Hiya, we are also discussing tentatively TTC at the beginning of next year. I've not been on any kind of hormonal contraception for about two years my body doesn't cope with extra hormones but we decided not to actively start trying as it were. I hope I'm OK joining this thread as its at more of a discussion stage rather than a definite. I'm 29, DH is nearly 37.

shelbTa Mon 28-Sep-15 13:10:08

Hi both! Thanks for posting back.

I know - it's so tempting to start trying earlier isn't it...

Purple - are you planning to finish the pack of pills then break and not start again, or just stop? Which pill are you on? I'm on marvelon.

Starky hi! I'm 34 and DH is 39.


Lolly90 Mon 28-Sep-15 13:18:01

Hi, I'm the same came off the pill in December after being on it for nearly 6 years, had no periods since :/ ttc too with no luck sad

shelbTa Mon 28-Sep-15 13:32:49

Hi Lolly,

Really...sorry to hear that. Could easily be the same for me I think having been on it for so long. Which one were you on if you don't mind me asking?

Ugh, so tempted to come off it earlier.

Shelb x

Lolly90 Mon 28-Sep-15 13:45:11

Hi shelb

I was on cerezzete, didn't realise how much it would mess with my body though. Wish I hadn't taken it for so long now.

Lolly x

purplesmiler Mon 28-Sep-15 14:16:06

Shelb I am currently on cerelle and dont have periods on it, however in the past when I have stopped (for a break) I have luckily managed to get back in to a regular cycle quite quickly. I am about half way through a packet but will probably take one more after as we go on a holiday and I dont want to have a heavy cycle that week (I want to have some extra fun with my OH).
My OH would be quite happy for me to stop taking it now. I am taking folic acid started last week after a little research.
I am 29 and my OH is 32.

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 28-Sep-15 15:13:31

Hi lolly shelb and purple

I was on the depo injection for a couple of years, when I had my last one after the effects wore off it probably took me about 9 months to get in o any semblance of a regular cycle. I track coming on and off with a fertility app on my phone. I was tracking my ovulation till a few months ago as I was having periods, but only ovulating every few months. We decided I should stop using hormonal contraception because it genuinely sent me batty, DH or do as he was then was terrified of me! grin

I'm trying to convince DH that it's better to start TTC earlier rather than later but he wants to make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed direct quote but I'm not sure exactly what he means by that! I'm just a worrier!

Lolly90 Mon 28-Sep-15 15:50:56

Hi starky
I think I just get worried because it's been so long from stopping the pill in December till now. And I've had nothing. Got a doctors appointment next week so see what they say

Lolly X

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 28-Sep-15 16:03:06

I know what you mean lolly it freaked me out a bit too, thinking my body wasn't doing what it was supposed to! Good that you have a doctors appointment though, hopefully it will get the ball rolling and will settle your mind. flowers

shelbTa Mon 28-Sep-15 17:36:52

Hi lolly, stark, and purple,

Arrrg there is just no telling what will happen when you come off hormones is there.

Lolly - that's good that you've got an appointment. Have there just been no signs of AF at all?

Stark - I hear ya, my DH is also 'lets get everything in order' first - especially money wise.

Purple - yours sounds quite positive in that you fell back into a regular cycle?

Funnily enough I've actually run out of my pill now and docs have lost my repeat prescription.... Tempting, very tempting to just stop!

Shelb x

StarkyTheDirewolf Mon 28-Sep-15 18:11:19

And I know he's being sensible shelb I'm being complete completely irrational grin blame hormones! but four people I know are either pregnant or have just had babies and I'm having a mix of complete green eyed jealousy monster and broody-itis!

See, the last pill/repeat prescription thing I'd be going "that's fate! The stars have aligned and want us to procreate!" DH would be going "no, I put your prescription in a safe place/I have already filled your prescription and the pills are in the medicine cabinet next to the condoms!" Ha-ha grin

purplesmiler Mon 28-Sep-15 18:12:54

Starky there is my head which is saying wait until we originally agreed to start trying as that gives us a bit more time to get things settled but then my heart (and his I know) are like it's what we want why are we waiting any longer.

Lolly hopefully the doctors will put your mind at ease it must be so frustrating big hugs!

Shelb what has your OH said re your pill pack finishing?

Loki17 Mon 28-Sep-15 18:16:01

If you plan to start trying in December then come off the pill now and use condoms until you are ready. The pill took 10 months to get out of my system. I wish I'd had my implant removed earlier instead of the month we wanted to ttc because now I'm obsessed with trying to figure my body out instead of relaxing and taking my time.

FluttershyStare Mon 28-Sep-15 18:18:18


I'm on the implant and half way through it's three year stint.

We were going to start trying in January, but actually I'm the one who needs all the i's dotting and t's crossing so realistically I'm thinking it'll be next summer instead.

Unless until the hormones rear their head again and I just go for it!

I'm 27 and DH is 29

Lolly90 Mon 28-Sep-15 18:18:40

Hi shelb, purple and starky

Thanks hoping it will lead to some answers. I've never had regular af anyway, I probably had about 6/7 the whole time I was on the pill then when I stopped I've had nothing! Really frustrating I sometimes get the cramps that normally come with it but then nothing.

shelbTa Mon 28-Sep-15 19:54:23


I mentioned coming off the pill now as I'd run out to DH in the car home tonight - it was a firm no!! grin we said end of the year and I'm just going to have to sit tight!

Purple - what do you need to get settled?

Shelb x

Lolly90 Tue 29-Sep-15 06:59:05

Hi shelb

Oh dear sorry, but when you think about it's not that long till the end of the year anyway smile x

purplesmiler Tue 29-Sep-15 09:06:48

Shelb, it will soon be December :-)

We have recently moved, I have a longer commute to work which is worth it as we are very close to family but its getting used to the change. I had a good chat with my OH and he said it is totally up to me as he is ready. I am going to finish my current pill packet (got a week left) and may well just see what happens from there no pressure.

shelbTa Tue 29-Sep-15 11:27:09


Yes you're right (lolly purple) the next few months should fly by.

Purple - that's well exciting, you could be coming off it in a week!! Keep us updated on what it's like so can be half prepared when it's our turn! shock

Shelb x

isthatpoisontoo Tue 29-Sep-15 12:12:26

Hello everyone,

I was really shocked, when we first started talking about ttc, to find out how long it takes for the pill to get out of your system. Most people take 3-6 months, but 9 is medically 'normal'. We're going to start ttc in Feb, I stopped taking the pill in August, and I'm actually worried I haven't left enough time! I guess I see coming off the pill (and using other contraception) as part of the getting everything in order.

StarkyTheDirewolf Tue 29-Sep-15 12:13:23

Ooh purple that's so exciting! And shelb we're not far off December! We were talking about it last night again haha and DH doesn't know whether he wants a poo or a haircut! In the space of one conversation we weren't from starting TTC in January, then to march then to immediately, then back to new year! I keep having baby dreams! It's so annoying!

purplesmiler Tue 29-Sep-15 16:21:39

isthatpoisontoo I think you will have given your body a good amount of time to get settled. As I am on a mini pill, I understand that it doesnt take as long as the combined pill to fully work its way out of our bodies but who knows all we can do is try.

Starky I can fully understand re baby dreams- last night all I could think about was babies! I just feel that it needs to be about what me and my OH want I have been worrying too much about the other things going on around us.

shelbTa Tue 29-Sep-15 19:47:59


isthatpoisontoo - how have you found it coming off the pill?

I've had really vivid baby dreams too! I need to chill out about it all or the next few months are going to drag and I'm going become obsessed - which I'm trying hard not to do!

Shelb x

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