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Help me keep my crazy under control please!

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sophied1983 Sun 27-Sep-15 19:27:43

Came off Pill early May. First AF arrived after 6 weeks and next cycle was 45 days. Was away with hubby last week and although we have sex fairly regularly (once a week average) - that weekend we did 4 times! Must have been something in the water.

Since downloaded an app to track cycles which told me that would have been the time I was most fertile and ovulated which I guess explains the high libido... and I don't know, I 'feel' different although might all be in my head.

Me being me thinks I can sidetrack nature and tested y'day and today and got negatives, even though it I am on a 45 day cycle, my AF won't arrive for another 7 days.

Please chill me out haha!!!

hilzypop Mon 28-Sep-15 08:17:57

The waiting game is awful! I try and keep as busy as poss so i dont obsess over things-easier said than done! I could really do with taking my own advice!
I'm pretty sure everyone here understands the crazy that you are feeling right now! I would try and resist taking anymore tests until af due. Think of of it this way testing later either way you can be more confident the result. Sorry not to be more helpful! Fingers crossed for you, hope you get bfp next week!

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