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Faint positive first response neg clear blue?

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gabrielle1201 Sat 26-Sep-15 20:17:30

I took a pregnancy test 6 days before af they were both first response and onw came back neg took one the next day and has the faintest line (picture below) af is due tomorrow and took 2 clear blue both neg. help

ALittleFaith Sat 26-Sep-15 21:07:18

Well, FR are very sensitive and CB are notoriously not....but 6 days early is so very early. Give it a couple more days and test again.

scaredtobehappymommy Sat 26-Sep-15 21:09:39

i would say take another test sweetie i had a faint line like that with my second daughter smile was just a bit early when i tuk it my hormones wernt high enough i took another a week later with no doubt it was positive gud luck xx

gabrielle1201 Sat 26-Sep-15 21:26:56

I will do. Af is due tomorrow so I shall keep the fed updated, this would be my second child so fingers crossed!! I only realised that it was a faint by really looking at it. At one point I thought I was imagining it tbh. But I am also Unsure when I ovulated so I could be testing way to early for all I know. X

scaredtobehappymommy Sat 26-Sep-15 21:33:05

yea testing a lil early but its the excitement aint it smile i knew when i was having my second daughter so tested too early with a faint line as the result ... got fingers all crossed for ya hunni x

gabrielle1201 Sat 26-Sep-15 21:50:33

There is no chance of it being an evaporated line ? I took two one before the other and one is a dead negative and the other fine positive.

scaredtobehappymommy Sat 26-Sep-15 22:11:16

there is always that chance hun but i looked at your pic and i wouldnt say that its an evaporated line i think the first one you took was just too early and your hormones hadnt got high enough for a positive result but everyday they get higher the second one id say is showing slight hormone and thats why its so faint another test is the only answer sweetie ... me and my best friend have had the faint line fiasco and were both preggers smile let us know how you get on x

gabrielle1201 Sat 26-Sep-15 22:16:51

Well the first test was in the morn n the other was in the afternoon tho:/ I have no patience at all! Is a faint positive a good thing tho? X

scaredtobehappymommy Sat 26-Sep-15 22:20:30

i see but you were gettin closer to af so its still a big possibility in my experience with faint lines on pg tests its always been a positive result in the end so i wud say the chances are gud x

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 08:01:15

I tried a tesco test this morning- BFN. Feel like giving up lol

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 10:51:22

Very very faint positive! From tesco one

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 10:55:30

Can really see it in the picture but am I seeing things?

Junosmum Sun 27-Sep-15 12:24:46

Honestly, I stopped testing after I got a tiny tiny positive on a tesco test. I was pregnant, that was it. The day after I took a clear blue digital as hubby didn't quite believe it - it took ages and ages to come up with 'pregnant' but it did. I haven't taken a test since. I never got a dark line, I knew I was pregnant and that was enough.

From what I can see on those tests, you are pregnant. If your period turns up then it was a chemical pregnancy. If it doesn't turn up then you are still pregnant. Congratulations.

FYI - clear blue none digital are less sensitive than the tesco or first response ones, so no wonder you got a negative on them. The First response ones are sensitive to 10mmul, tesco 20 mmul (I think), clear blue digital 25mmul and clear blue none digital 50mmul.

Paulinefowler Sun 27-Sep-15 12:38:55

That's a positive- exactly what I had when I tested with DS.

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 13:44:23

Well I bought 2 First Response ones now. Should I take one now n wait for the morn or leave both until the morning ?

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 14:15:23

Taken 4 test-2BFN--2BFP. I don't know what this means tho.

Junosmum Sun 27-Sep-15 14:24:01

It means you are pregnant! Stop testing! When is your period due?

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 14:31:33

Today, but I have no signs of period at all. I've the doctors tomorrow so what do I do?

Junosmum Sun 27-Sep-15 16:17:11

You need to get referred to the midwife around 8 week. Unless you don't want to continue with the pregnancy? The dr will be pretty useless, and it's unlikely they'll test you since you've had positives at home.

If you want to continue with the pregnancy you need to start taking folic acid.

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 16:28:06

Ah okay but the results I had were only faint so will she take this as a positive result? X

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 16:28:27

Also o waited about an hour to ensure it was a very faint positive x

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 20:06:15

Stringy clear mucus ? Is this a sign?

Junosmum Sun 27-Sep-15 20:44:51

What do you mean you waited an hour? If the second line didn't come up in the time it says on the instructions then it doesn't count!

gabrielle1201 Sun 27-Sep-15 22:08:03

I waited the 30 minutes seen the line but left it a while and it was still there if even brighter

Junosmum Sun 27-Sep-15 22:26:49

Most tests say read within 10minutes. A line after that could be an evaporation line.

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