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Unsure of ovulation, preggo symptoms?

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gabrielle1201 Tue 22-Sep-15 17:06:30

Hello all,
I am TTC my second baby and i am unclear of my ovulation. I am currently on CD 27/31. I am experiencing cramps from CD 7 and have been experiencing backache, headaches, pelvic pain, constipation, gas and overall fatigue from only walking up the stairs not to meantion the nausea from eating and not eating. Moodswings have been off the chart: one minute i am happy as a pig in poo and the next i am balling my eyes out because OH has said i was cranky yesterday. My CM was thick and creamy and is now going milky and breasts are beginning to look like road maps and tingy nipples. Could this be a good sign? I am due AF on the 27th should i wait it out of perhaps test early?

Thanks alot!

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