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Is my GP's advice right

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MorganO Tue 22-Sep-15 16:26:01

Hello, I've just joined this forum so I apologise if I ask something that has been covered to death. My husband and I have only been trying for a couple months. I went off my contraceptive end of June/beginning of July. My periods are very regular. I haven't missed a period since I was 19 (now 31) when I was severely anorexic (completely recovered now). My period is coming up to a week late, which is not like me. I took a pregnancy test two days ago and it was negative. I spoke to my GP today who basically said that I shouldn't worry about my period or bother to count the days of my cycle, and that I could miss my period for several months and not need to worry. Basically that I shouldn't care when I get my period or when I might be ovulating. This doesn't seem right to me? I know there is a possibility that I could actually be pregnant still, or not that's fine too. There is always that worry that I damaged my body so severely as a teenager that I may not be able to have children (I don't expect anyone to be able to give advice about that, it's just an ever present worry). I am concerned though about my GP's advice and general attitude about this. Do I need to find a new doctor or do I just need to stop caring about my monthly cycle?


JellyBaby26 Tue 22-Sep-15 16:38:30

Last year I came off the pill in May/June and had regular periods for 3 months, then the month i got preg i used an OPK and ovulated a week later than what the books tell you, and when i tested on the day my period was due, i got a BFN. I then got a BFP a few days later with an early response test. Your body will need to adjust without the hormones, so i would leave it a little longer.
I don't think they tend to listen unless you have been off the pill and ttc for a year, and they often poo poo ovulation dates etc. You could change Doctor but you will probably get the same treatment.
Sorry not much help!

MorganO Tue 22-Sep-15 17:00:16

Thank you JellyBaby26. You were helpful. I didn't realise that most GP's don't often advocate paying attention to your cycles or trying to determine when you might be ovulating. I shouldn't stop doing this though, right? I mean it can't hurt to be aware of these things as opposed to just not really knowing when my last period was. I also feel a bit uneasy about not caring if I don't get my period for months on end. Thanks for the advice, I am relatively new to all of this. :-)


JellyBaby26 Tue 22-Sep-15 17:05:22

Christ, no don't stop ! Might be helpful to get an app on your phone and if you are trying (are you?) get a pack of cheap OPKs of the internet and take your temperature each morning. worked for me but we are all different!

jimijack Tue 22-Sep-15 17:06:23

No harm in being aware of your cycle and what is normal for you.

I got a bit obsessive about it all which meant I was on the ceiling with stress and worry.

It's usually after about a year of trying that they begin to take steps to investigate possible infertility so not surprised that your GP is so relaxed about it all.

Good luck x

LondonGirl83 Tue 22-Sep-15 17:19:37

A lot of women's cycles change after coming off contraception. Long and short cycles (compared to standard 28 days) is very normal and varying lengths is fairly common as well. None of things in and of themselves are indicative of a problem so your GP's advice is probably standard.

As you know you very well might be pregnant. Test again in a week if the AF still hasn't come!

MorganO Tue 22-Sep-15 19:13:34

Thanks you guys! You've put my mind at ease. I've just bought some OPK's online, I think this is a good idea in case things are irregular after coming off the pill. We are trying, we really wanted to start trying last year, but then I was diagnosed with epilepsy which made everything so much more difficult. I think I am just really anxious about this due to my past history of anorexia as a teenager and because of the epilepsy and anti-epileptic medication. I just worry, I'm a worrier. I will look for the phone app and start tracking my temperature as well.
I would be so thrilled to be pregnant. I have no idea if what I am feeling is early signs of pregnancy or symptoms of delayed PMS. I have become hugely exhausted over the past week no matter how much I actually sleep, I have a killer backache, a little cramping, and I cry at just about anything or nothing at all (and I am really not a crier). I don't normally have a lot of PMS symptoms in general, but it could just be my hormones going crazy after coming off the pill a few months ago. I hate the not knowing! I'll test again next week if it hasn't come on yet. Thanks again for your input. I feel a lot better about things.


DizzyNorthernBird Wed 23-Sep-15 10:29:01

Firstly, ignore the books. They will tell you that 28 days is a normal cycle....this is wrong. It can be any number of days and 'normal' is whatever is usual to the individual.

Fertility friend did a study on cycle lengths and there were more women in the study who had cycles which were 30-32 days than the 'normal' 28! Also, remember that while you were on the pill, your cycles were being controlled by the hormones and the cycle length you were having then isn't necessarily what comes naturally for your body.

You say you're anxious and worry a lot about this. If you're stressed, this is also going to affect when you ovulate which then has a knock on impact on your cycle length. I track my cycles and it's a given for me now that if I've had a stressful time at work, I will have a longer cycle that month!

It's still early days for you coming off the pill and it will take time for your body to find its rhythm. Do yourself a favour and download an app to start tracking your cycles (if you aren't already pregnant). I would also recommend buying a copy of 'Taking Charge of your Fertility' - this book is my ttc bible!

mrsmugoo Wed 23-Sep-15 20:57:32

GPs tell you not to track your cycles as a way of fobbing you off and reducing the number of people seeking fertility diagnoses I.e their previous budgets.

Knowledge is power though and to get pregnant sperm must meet egg so personally I like to use OPKs and temping. If I can do "my bit" and guarantee the sperm is there on the right day then nature can do the rest.

Maybe I'd be more haphazard if I was 10 years younger!!

mrsmugoo Wed 23-Sep-15 20:58:14

Precious not previous - bloody autocorrect!!

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