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New here and too excited to TTC :-)

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BunchOfBobs Tue 22-Sep-15 11:18:08

Hi all,
I came of the pill 5 months ago, I was on the combined for 11 years then developed migraines and went onto the mini for 6 months- it massively didn't agree with me- and my cycle hasn't quite settled down yet, it's anywhere between 16 and 29 days currently.

On a whim it would seem we dtd unprotected a couple of days ago. Since then we have discussed things and he we have decided to TTC after Christmas and I'm just too excited to wait. As we had that one night of "why the hell not" I now think why bother waiting until after Christmas at all. I'm apparently due AF in 5 days time so I would be massively surprised if anything came of it though FX here from me!!

I'm self employed and our main reason for waiting is so I get to put aside some money from my job before we try. Sigh, money- the bane of everything!

DH is nowhere near as excited as me and is more nervous and scared than anything so I have no one to bounce off or chat to as I won't be telling any friends or family until we get a BFP. We start taking our his 'n' hers pregnacare tonight eek! It's getting real but not fast enough.

Any tips on how to reign in my crazy pinning/looking up/pining after anything to do with pregnancy and babies?

Anyone else in the same position as me?

Sorry for the massive post, as previously stated, I'm too excited and just chomping at the bit to talk to someone about it xx

Flybynight1 Tue 22-Sep-15 11:47:11

Hi Bunch! I'm a newbie too, first cycle off the implant, first month ttc

We decided months ago when I would have my implant out and I had to wait an additional 2 months for the appointment (my drs is mega busy!) so I do know the feeling of having to wait to even start!! But in the meantime, you can learn all you can about your cycle, your body, what to expect (without being obsessed if possible!) and gives your DH that bit extra time to come to terms with it! Mine was the same-he seemed to think that as soon as I had the implant out I would be pregnant and then the next day we would have a baby, or something...!! I think men are just that bit slow at getting their heads around the whole thing, whilst as women we've been thinking about it for some time wink

You can start taking pre-conceive vitamins from 3 months before you start, so if you're wanting to really get yourself ready then it might be worth looking into those? If nothing else you'll have great hair and nails!!! grin

Jaffacakey Tue 22-Sep-15 12:37:20

Hi Bunch I too was very much like you smile super excited when we decided to try after our summer holiday, we decided this back in March and trust me it does come around quick as this is now our first month of TTC, I am slightly giddy at the fact we will be using no protection i have never DTD without a condom :D FX for you both!

BunchOfBobs Tue 22-Sep-15 12:49:39

Hi Flybynight , thanks for the advice, I will indeed spend this time getting to know everything I can. DH can be a bit of a drama queen over these things, he near had a melt down when we got a dog as his "life was changed so drastically". I think he's just going through that realisation at the moment. What he fails to realise as you say is that babies don't appear overnight and both our parents struggled to conceive (4-7 years). I'm starting taking preconception vitamins with tonights meal smile. Good luck

Thanks so much Jaffa FX for you too. I'm so excited to be part of a forum where I can now chat about it to my hearts content smile

simplydivine05 Tue 22-Sep-15 16:11:12

I wish I could tell you how to stop obsessing but I can't because I did. We decided in Feb that we would start ttc after our hol in July. I came off the pill to allow my cycles to return to normal (no such luck yet though!). I also had to deal with my weight as well as not wanting to be on holiday and pregnant (had a rough time with ds so didn't want that on holiday). Before I knew it July had been and gone. In the interim I learned everything I could about my body, cycles and conceiving (ds wasn't planned).
I am also self employed so understand the financial side of things. I have just taken on a member of staff with another in the pipeline with a view to not having to close my business while on maternity leave. I've found that throwing myself into work has helped massively with time passing, but that all depends on what you do!

BunchOfBobs Wed 23-Sep-15 10:41:24

Thanks simplydivine I work alone from home and appear to be very easily distracted, throwing myself in to work just doesn't seem to be happening yet.
DH has grand plans of me going back to work 12 weeks after as I'll be a WAHM. Apparently a 12 week old will be okay with that. I have warned him I will need my mum here if that's the case... that may earn me a few more weeks before work.
FX for you. The last week since we made our decision has just dragged so I don't see how the next three months will fly by but we shall see. smile

simplydivine05 Wed 23-Sep-15 17:33:00

I get distracted a lot too ad I work at home alone. Like right now I'm sewing while on mn! I have planned to be off 9 months and then return part time. If I can return before then it's a bonus but plan for the worst case.
On the flip side you could spend your whole life waiting to be ready and never have kids.

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