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Anyone ttc baby #2?

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jp0303 Sun 20-Sep-15 18:18:35

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, ttc baby #2 (1st cycle) and already driving myself wild with the tww. I wondered if anyone else is in the same boat?

I was so relaxed about baby #1 that the constant nagging thoughts about am I / aren't I are completely new to me and are making me feel anxious with symptom spotting.

Thought I'd see if there is anyone to talk to on here as my husband is quite matter of fact about there being nothing we can do to find out except for being patient - I know, he's infuriating right.

It'd be great to buddy up if anyone else is in a similar position.

mum19821985 Sun 20-Sep-15 19:11:21

Hello! grin I'm also trying to conceive baby number two. My husband are in our first month of ttc. We had unprotected sex on Friday while I was on day 13 of cycle. I'm now getting very impatient and wondering if we conceived! Good luck to you! smile

fingerscrossedgirl Sun 20-Sep-15 19:14:20

Yes, us too, cycle 1 as well - AF due tomorrow (more or less - cycle varies between 26 and 29 days; tomorrow will make it 29) so will test Tuesday if no sign... Good luck everyone!

jp0303 Sun 20-Sep-15 19:39:59

Hello, nice to hear from you both, hoping for good luck all round for each of us.

Hope it's good news on Tuesday fingerscrossedgirl, let us know how you get on.

mum19821985 Sun 20-Sep-15 20:30:52

Yes let us know how you get on fingerscrossedgirl smile Good luck to you! We should all stay in touch grin

mum19821985 Sun 20-Sep-15 20:32:55

jp0303 - when will you be able to do a test? I have a two week wait..!

Justnapping Sun 20-Sep-15 20:40:15

Hi! Also trying to conceive baby #2. I have a 3 year old and I had a miscarriage in July. No luck last month and really would love to conceive this month!! Good luck to everyone else!!

mum19821985 Sun 20-Sep-15 21:02:06

Hi Justnapping. So sorry to hear about your mc. Really hope you have some luck soon. Xx

Justnapping Sun 20-Sep-15 21:35:17

Thanks! On day 7 of cycle so start trying in earnest later in the week. I'm thinking about getting pregnant all the time. It's hard to switch off! I know people say to relax and it will happen but I find that impossible!

mum19821985 Sun 20-Sep-15 21:51:58

Oooh good luck! I really hope you conceive this month. Let me know how you get on. Af is due around oct 1st so I'm gonna do a test then. It's hard to to think about it all the time isn't it?

Tinktink79 Sun 20-Sep-15 22:10:15

Hi everyone, can I join? We have an (almost) 3 yo DS and are in the first month of ttc #2. I'm ridiculously impatient about it! Lovely to have some other ladies to chat to who are in the same boat!

mum19821985 Sun 20-Sep-15 22:23:02

Hi Tinktink79, great to meet you! I also have a ds who is 3, 4 in a few months. I'm hoping to catch soon so there's not too big an age gap. I'm so impatient and wondering if it could have happened already :-)

jp0303 Sun 20-Sep-15 22:24:45

Mum19821985 I have 2 weeks too, I can test at the beginning of October - it feels aaaaages away!

Welcome on board Justnapping and Tinktink79.

Sorry to hear of your mc Justnapping. Hoping for better luck for you this time around.

I am finding it to be impossible to relax about it too, and am very impatient also Tinktink79! I've been completely distracted all day trying to make up my mind about whether my boobs are unusually heavy feeling or sore! Ridiculous!

FuzzyOwl Sun 20-Sep-15 23:05:55

Hello, I am also ttc#2. AF due this week and will then hope to get my BFp next month.

Loki17 Sun 20-Sep-15 23:17:43

Me! Implant was removed yesterday. although it had expired and my period came back a week ago. I didn't have periods whilst on the implant so I'm hoping it's return is a good sign. I'm tracking my cycle from now until my next AF (hopefully 10th october) and then ttc. I drove myself crazy when ttc dd. I know I'll do it again. I'm keeping myself busy with opks and conception supplements. Good luck everyone x

mum19821985 Mon 21-Sep-15 07:57:52

Good luck everyone! Have you always wanted another one? It's taken me years to come around to having another one lol. I always said never again! Ha ha. DS is almost 4 now and I think a sibling for him would be lovely. The idea of running around after 2 scares me though! confused

PommeBear Mon 21-Sep-15 09:47:27

Hi, also TTC #2 here. I have a 2.5 year old DD, always wanted another one but DP has taken a bit of time to come round. We started TTC last month and I was convinced we had hit on lucky as had loads of symptoms but AF turned up on Saturday.

DD1 was conceived first time trying and I'm naively hoping it will be as easy 2nd time round!

fingerscrossedgirl Mon 21-Sep-15 09:49:22

My DC is 4.5 - we'll have a big gap but various career things put us off trying again too soon. Running around after 2 does sound scary! But at least with a 4/5 year old they'll understand and help out a lot. Mine is dying for a sibling....

jp0303 Mon 21-Sep-15 13:21:03

Any sign of AF fingerscrossedgirl? Hope not!

Hello those who have joined since yesterday, welcome. The more the merrier smile

Pommebear dh and I were first monthers last time when ttc ds. I worry it won't be as easy this time around and I think that is why I'm overthinking it now in my tww. Oh well, what will be will be, it's lots of fun trying at the moment at least!!

Mum19821985 I am also scared of running around after 2, although it's the sleepless baby nights coupled with relentless toddler days that really terrify me!! We've always wanted to have another, I would have started trying a few months ago, ds is 19 months now. We postponed though as we had a holiday coming up so decided to wait until after in case of anything going wrong or if I was unwell with the first trimester if I'd caught. My age gap will be rubbish to start with as ds will be a fully fledged nuisance in his terrible twos!!! I'll just hope they play nicely as they grow up.

fingerscrossedgirl Mon 21-Sep-15 14:04:49

Not yet anyway! Fingers VERY crossed. Though I feel like I have a cold so I'd love a Lemsip but don't quite dare just in case... We got lucky on the second month last time so also hoping it won't be too bad - but I'm five years older now, so I don't want to be too optimistic (OH thinks he's got super-powers after last time, lol).

Jw35 Mon 21-Sep-15 14:07:37

Can I join? I'm actually ttc no 3 but there's an 11 year age gap between my 2 so this will be a playmate for my 9 month old!

I'm 11dpo and going crazy with the tww! Loads of symptoms but not sure what to think as I stupidly tested yesterday and got a bfn

jp0303 Mon 21-Sep-15 15:07:20

I'm excited for you fingerscrossedgirl! Maybe the second month is your lucky month!

Hello Jw35, of course you can join. I was planning on holding out until AF is overdue until testing, which I did last time when I was nowhere near as preoccupied with ttc. When is the earliest that a test will work? Will your eldest be helpful with you having two little ones?

fingerscrossedgirl Tue 22-Sep-15 08:12:55

Well, after a night of dreaming about peeing and sticks, I woke up and peed on a stick: BFP!! Two Tesco's tests to be sure but the line came up immediately both times; mission accomplished! Yay/argh all at once! Guess I'll be digging out the community midwife's number soon...

Good luck everyone else!

PommeBear Tue 22-Sep-15 09:04:08

Congratulations fingers crossed, hope your luck rubs off on us!

fingerscrossedgirl Tue 22-Sep-15 09:49:42

Next month will be your month! x

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