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Getting frustrated 9 months in how to stop being negative.

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Figgygal Fri 18-Sep-15 16:49:09

I'm so bored of TTC how do you keep going without it becoming functional well timed sex.

I was pg in 6 weeks with DS when I was 30 its been 9 months I think we were over confident at the start. I'm 35 in January and all the scare stories about fertility dips at 35 are making feel under pressure. I'm mentally planning that trip to the D once we've
Been trying a year as they have already told me they not interested in helping until then.

I'm getting negative that it will never happen dh is all positive about it telling me not to worry the stress won't help etc which is pissing me off its not like I'm trying to not be like this. Almost wish I could decide to stop and move on but I just know I would regret it.

Trickedintoit Fri 18-Sep-15 18:58:04

I hear you, I'm on 11th month now and everyone around me seems to be pregnant at the DROp of a hat. It is really frustrating and I too find it difficult to snap out of the negativity ??

Figgygal Sat 19-Sep-15 19:19:20

My bro and SIL have just had dc2, best friends too and I'm so resentful I'm embarrassed by how I'm feeling but can't seem to stop it

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