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basilsenia Thu 17-Sep-15 20:48:01

I did put this photo at the bottom of my thread but no responses yet... this is a picture i took this morninh line came up nearly straight away ...

basilsenia Thu 17-Sep-15 20:48:46

And this is what it looked like when i came home from work ...

cookielove Thu 17-Sep-15 20:50:45

I can see the line, but it is soooo faint I think it's an Evaporation line! Try a first response!

Loki17 Thu 17-Sep-15 20:51:57

I can see a v faint line on the first one. You need to test again in 48 hours with a fr to be sure.

Tyrannosaurus Thu 17-Sep-15 20:54:32

It looks like a line to me, faint, but it is there. Tentative congratulations!

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