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Ovulation//Implantation pains?

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gabrielle1201 Thu 17-Sep-15 17:43:51

Hello ladies, I am looking for some advice. I am currently on CD22/31 I have been experiencing period like cramps for the past three days (AF due 26-27 Aug) along with nausea when eating or drinking juice and slight vomiting. I know it it too early to test for pregnancy but I am unsure when I ovulated I tried to use OPK strips but I was unsure about them. Could I just be ovulating late? Or has anyone had cramping in stomach and lower pelvic area,?

Thank you!

TheCatsMother99 Thu 17-Sep-15 22:20:57

I had this a couple of days ago, a weird cramping feeling but not like AF cramps.

It's too early for me to take a test too but I did ovulation tests and got a positive one of those about a week before the cramping feelings.

Not 100% sure if they were implantation pains so marking my place for other people's replies smile

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