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About to start AI/LGBT parents in Southampton

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Pollyeleanor Wed 16-Sep-15 22:42:39

My wife and I are about to start our first month of AI with our donor, we were hoping to find some people in the same boat or have been in that boat before!
We are looking for advice, a community and friendship with similar families.
Hope to hear from someone!
Polly and Zoe

HarrietTheSpy2015 Thu 24-Sep-15 12:33:56

Hi, we're also about to start trying for the very first time, sometime in the next few days. We are trying with a known donor at home (my partner is the one we are trying to upduff). Simultaneously terrifying and exciting! Feel like we've done so much research to get to this point, cant believe there will be actual Tupperware and syringe faffing in the next week or so grin

HarrietTheSpy2015 Thu 24-Sep-15 12:35:06


My very first Mumsnet post and there's a typo. The shame.

Loki17 Thu 24-Sep-15 20:11:32

I'm not in the same situation but my god daughter was conceived via AI from a donor. She is a beautiful 9 month old. Her mummies were very lucky to conceive in the first month! Good luck to you all flowers

Pollyeleanor Thu 08-Oct-15 22:29:34

So how did it go? Did you use ovulation sticks to find your peak time? We are currently struggling with clearblue ones, think I'm one of the 1% who have no peak fertility but a massive stretch of high readings...grrrrr.
Also loki17 really great to hear someone had such good luck!
We have put together all our equipment in a little box, a box of very weird objects! It's getting very real!

holesinthesky Wed 28-Oct-15 11:21:42

Hello, Harriet here but I name changed because I think there's another Harriet on MN...

Well, no luck the first time and we are on to the second cycle. Bizarrely it was all a lot less embarrassing/weird/awkward than we'd imagined and we're now (well, DP is) happily syringing sperm up there & lying with legs in the air as if it is totally normal behaviour for a Tuesday night.

Obviously it would have been insanely lucky for it to have worked first time but we were both a bit gutted to find out it hadn't. This cycle the whole thing seems far less likely somehow! We're also using the clear blue OPKs and they seem fine in terms of flashy/static smileys but DP's luteal phase is on the short side (10 days) so we are a bit worried that might be an issue... fingers crossed...

Love the sound of your little box! and loads of luck.

Harle Thu 29-Oct-15 16:19:33

I'm ace and waiting for donor recipient to hurry tfu!

holesinthesky Fri 27-Nov-15 17:11:57

Hmmm. So no luck second cycle, and this month we also have billions (7) of flashies with no static smiley. Why? Could it be from B complex for lengthening luteal phase (which did add 2 days)? Or is it a random anovulatory cycle?

DP had EWCM days 10 and 11 and back pain day 15. Low days 11 and 12, highs from cd13 onwards. Insem cd14, 16 and 18. Anyone know if we're covered for this month? God damn it's an annoying process!

How are you getting on pollyeleanor?

Pollyeleanor Tue 01-Dec-15 13:03:22

hiya, we are on second cycle now. went the 2ww and hadn't come on then did on the 34th day sad maybe egg took but no implant. was very annoying and we both got a bit overexcited too soon. Hopefully peak ovu won't be on christmas day! Donor might be a bit put off by meeting the whole family!

Sounds like you may have got your donations spot on. Only a few days left on your 2ww! eeeeekkkk


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