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Can anyone decode my cycles?

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JaimeLansinoh Wed 16-Sep-15 14:45:26

DC is 16mo and AF returned in July after I stopped BF'ing. I'm 38 so started TTC immediately but I've been having really short cycles of 24-ish days with +ve OPK on day 16/17 so LP must be 6-7 days.

Prior to DC, I had 28 day cycles with +ve OPK on day 14 or 15 but was TTC for about 18 months and finally got BFP after DTD on day 18 when I thought we'd missed the window for that month.

I can't find anything about having a big gap between LH surge and ovulation, everything I've read suggests max. 48 hours but I am absolutely sure of my dates and I was def 4 days over.

Is extended time between LH surge and ovulation a recognised thing? Is there an explanation for change in cycles before DC and after?

I'm going to speak to the GP about getting bloods done, I'm going to ask for LH, FSH, Progesterone, Thyroid...anything else? What cycle day should I plan it for?

duckyneedsaclean Wed 16-Sep-15 14:48:54

You may get a clearer idea from temps & cervical mucus. Have you tried charting them?

JaimeLansinoh Wed 16-Sep-15 19:39:16

I tried a bit of temp charting last time around but I was getting inconsistent results so gave up a bit, I suppose I thought OPKs were more accurate given smiley face/no smiley face requires no interpretation.

The mucous thing I don't get. Presence or absence OK but do people really play about with it to compare stretchiness? And if you've DTD'd, how do you tell the difference?? (Sorry TMI grin)

duckyneedsaclean Fri 18-Sep-15 10:25:21

Haha it is gross. I can pretty much tell what type just by looking at the tissue after wiping - do occasionally check stretchiness though!

With the temps, did you do them orally & at the same time every morning? If you get an app (ovuview is good in android) it can help you interpret them.

willitbe Sat 19-Sep-15 14:29:28

Not impossible to conceive 4 days after opk positive. OPK could be positive just before peak, so therefore possible to ovulate 36 hours after positive opk, (Most people will ovulate 12-48 hours after the LH surge is detected)

and it is possible to conceive within 48 hours after ovulation (egg normally only lives 12 to 24 hours but possible to be longer). The latest I have read about is 48 hours after ovulation.

48 hours + 24 hours = 72 hours eg you could test positive on a Monday afternoon, ovulate on the Wednesday afternoon, and the egg still be viable til Thursday afternoon at least if not a bit later.... But it is not an exact science!

As for change in cycles, yes cycles often are different after pregnancy. Mine have changed with each pregnancy!

Blood tests you need one test on day 3 of your cycle (LH,FSH) and the other around 7 days after ovulation (progesterone). The thyroid tests etc can be done anytime.

Cervical mucus and semen look different, in one is cloudy and the other not, one floats in water (yuck never checked this myself) and one does not. I find CM is a useful backup for knowing if ovulation may be imminent. But I had the reverse problem to you, my opks only turned positive almost the same time as ovulating..... totally useless for me.

If you can manage it, then every other day and ignore the trying to time it all might work better as you are not sure of ovulation via opk etc......!

Hope you get preggo soon

willitbe Sat 19-Sep-15 14:31:48

Sorry I forgot to say that a short LP might be a bit of a problem, especially with the progesterone test! But it should get you referred for further testing.

JaimeLansinoh Sun 20-Sep-15 10:28:19

Thanks for the responses. I was temping using an electronic one that zaps your forehead. Are those no good then?
I'm hoping to get hold of the GP tomorrow to book in bloods so that's useful info. DTD every other day is easier said than done unfortunately as DH on AD's that affect his ability to ejaculate. That's the subject for a whole other thread unfortunately but just want to get my own house in order as it were first.

willitbe Sun 27-Sep-15 21:49:09

Jaime - with regards to taking temp, no the forehead one is not usable. Have a look at the website, it is full of useful information!

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