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Second Month TTC *Cycle day 9*

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babyonthebrain90 Tue 15-Sep-15 16:39:07

Hi everyone!

It's day 9 into my cycle started my period on Monday the 7th of September.

Just taking a cheap ovulation test (50 pack i bought of ebay) today and yesterday (yes I know its abit soon) but both came up negative!

Its saying on my Ovia App on my Iphone that my highest fertile day is Monday the 21st of September been a score of (10)

My partner and tried on Friday and now thinking about today but he thinks we should wait until the first day of my fertile window? but it shouldn't do us any harm trying today is it? were aiming 3-4 days a week because of his busy work days but to be fair am wanting to try every day on my fertile days which is (Thursday till Tuesday) but am not wanting to weaken the sperm.

any advice or help would be massively appreciated!

thanks x

smellsofelderberries Wed 16-Sep-15 15:54:42

It's best to keep sperm fresh, but you might find it a bit hard going to do it every day for that long. If this is your only your second cycle trying too then you have no way of knowing that is when your fertile period is if you've not used OPKs before either, so what happens if you have sex 5 days in a row and don't get a positive OPK until the Thursday after? Just have sex every other day (or every day if you're really feeling it) and then you're covered. Try not to get so caught in timing things that intensely so quickly, it can really cause problems!

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