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Implant removal nearly 5 weeks ago still no period?

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SWFARMER Mon 14-Sep-15 23:25:58

I had my implant removed nearly 5 weeks ago and still no period has come.

The nurse said I should see a period at around 2 weeks post removal.

Should I be worried?

MummyBex1985 Tue 15-Sep-15 08:01:18

No, I wouldn't worry.

I got my first bleed after 4 weeks. It's perfectly normal for it to take weeks, or even months.

I was told to take a PG test after six weeks if no AF though - maybe do that just to be sure?

Derbygirl37 Tue 15-Sep-15 10:03:20

I got my first bleed after 4 weeks too. Since then I've had a 24 day cycle, a 25 day cycle and I'm still waiting for AF this cycle (currently 28 days). So I think it takes quite a while for your body to get back to normal (which is very frustrating when you're TTC!!) When I had the implant taken out on 1st June, the nurse said I would 'probably have a bleed by the weekend' but it took 4 weeks to come. Also, during that whole 4 weeks I had really strong pregnancy symptoms: constant nausea, vomiting, dizziness, backache, headaches, sore breasts. Apparently, this was my body's way of coping with the flood of natural hormones. Good luck flowers x

SWFARMER Tue 15-Sep-15 19:35:02

Derby I have had similar symptoms and real intense migraines this week. Hopefully it clears up and sort itself out soon.

I did a pregnancy test in the week. Negative.

Hope AF comes soon so I can feel a bit normal :-)

hannahdunn2949 Mon 23-Jan-17 21:49:11

Evening all 😊 after some advice please or maybe someone has been in a similar situation, I had my implant removed the 20th December 2016 and still haven't had a period, I'm not protected as partner and myself are TTC, I'm also 41 and my partner is 32, my youngest child is 10 and I always found it easy and quick to fall pregnant before, I've done a couple of test maybe1or 2 weeks ago and they were negative, I do remember with my first child it took longer than normal to show up on a test, not sure where I should go from here 😕 too nervous to do another test 😕 x

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