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Light period or implantation

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hippopo Mon 14-Sep-15 16:13:44

Hi, not been on here for ages.

My period is due tomorrow (Tuesday) however I had what appears to be a light period that lasted 3 days on Thursday last week. There was bright red blood but it was much lighter and lasted one or two days less than normal. My previous period was three days last and very heavy so it could be body correcting itself???
I've tried two tests (the ones that say you can test 4 days early and both neg). I did have some implantation bleeding with last pregnancy but it was much lighter again that what I have just had. It did feel like a light period.

I will test again tomorrow or maybe a few days time. But this has been driving me crazy. No other real symptoms expect I've been super emotional.

DelphiStar Tue 15-Sep-15 00:56:38

Any news?

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