What next - all tests seem fine!

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heyarnold19 Mon 07-Sep-15 12:33:34

Just looking for a bit of advice. I have been ttc for 20 months and no luck at all so far. DH and I have been for the initial tests (him sperm analysis and me 5 and 21 day blood tests, ultrasound and HSG). So far all is fine and no obvious reason why its not happening as I have regular cycles as well. I have an appointment with the gynecologist on Wednesday to go through HSG results but I was told when I went for it that it all looked fine so not expecting anything unusual to come back. I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice on what else I can ask? From my initial appointment with the gynae, I was told that if all the tests come back ok then I won’t be referred for any kind of treatment until we have been trying for at least 3 years. Are there any other tests I can ask them to do or do you think it might just be a case of we need to keep trying for another year and a half before anything can be done?

Has anyone else experienced this? I am going to try a few things myself such as overhauling my diet and doing more exercise so I am really hoping that might help but it is really frustrating that there doesn't seem to be a reason! Any help/advice/thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks

HaylAB Mon 07-Sep-15 18:39:41

Hi we had all tests and everything came back as 'normal' we were then given the option of fertility drugs or IVF straight away. Why do you have to wait 3 years????
Currently on 2nd month of 50 mg of clomide but we are also on IVF waiting list. Advice given to me was increase exercise and healthy diet! Low alcohol and caffeine!!! All be worth if can catch before have to tackle IVF....
Hope you can start something sooner than 3 years... Time is very precious when your ttc !!.

heyarnold19 Mon 07-Sep-15 19:58:00

Thanks for replying HayIAB. I was told that if there is nothing obviously wrong you have to have been trying for 3 years before you can access any kind of treatment on the NHS. I think by this they mean IUI or IVF. I know it varies between areas so I must just live in the wrong catchment area angry

I don't know much about clomid - I always thought it was if you were not ovulating. As far as I can tell I am ovulating so would clomid be a waste of time for me? Or could it be worth me asking about this?

I hope it goes well for you HayIAB, you're right, time is so precious when TTC!

HaylAB Mon 07-Sep-15 21:18:10

I live in Wales so it may be different for your health board? I had to wait 12 months of trying before they would refer me to hospital. i have been put on clomide and as far as can tell I am ovulating but again this varies across HB as a friend in Cheshire was not offered it and went straight to IVF despite having same normal results as me. I would ask your DR/Gynae about it and would it be an option for you?
Good luck smile

heyarnold19 Tue 08-Sep-15 10:49:03

Thanks for your help! I feel a bit more prepared for my appointment now - I'm a bit rubbish at asking the right questions! But I think I need to be a bit more forceful tomorrow. Its strange that everyone seems to have different experiences based on where they live!

LemonadeGirl08 Tue 08-Sep-15 11:18:38

Hi, I can totally empathis with how you are feeling. I am in pretty much the same position as you-trying for around 20 months had bloods, hsg and semen analysis everything looks to be normal which is good but also doesn't answer the question of why we aren't conceiving. I'm now waiting for an appointment with a consultant. The fertility nurse did tell us that as we had been TTC for almost 2 years we would be but on the IVF waiting list. I think that NICE set the guidelines for this so I don't think you should have to wait another year- I've never heard of anyone having to wait that long!

The nurse also implied that as I am ovulating and everything seems normal IVF would be the next step. I really wish there was some kind of in between step between trying naturally and IVF. I suppose your other option if you can afford it is to have a private consultation to get a second opinion.

Sorry I can't help much I just really wanted to say that I understand how frustrating and upsetting it is not knowing why it's not happening. Good luck at your appointment I hope it gives you some answers so that you can move forward flowers

heyarnold19 Tue 08-Sep-15 14:11:04

Thanks Lemonadegirl it really does help to hear about others in a similar situation doesn't it? None of my friends are going through this and although they are really supportive (well the few that know) i cant help but think they can't possibly understand.

I hope all goes well for you and that you get that bfp soon. As my dh says, we are the ones that will truly appreciate it when it does happen! smile

kiwiblue Tue 08-Sep-15 15:17:58

Hi heyarnold, I'm in exactly the same boat as you - and I imagine we live in the same area!

We've been trying 26 months, had our first fertility specialist appointment today. All initial tests are fine, but I haven't yet had ultrasound and HSG - so I've been referred for those. I was also told that assuming those tests are also fine, we have to wait until we've been trying for 3 years before any NHS-funded treatment (so IUI or IVF). I got a bit annoyed in the appointment after hearing we have to wait nearly another year, and also got pretty depressed following the appointment. It's so frustrating. From what the gynae said to me today, just have to wait it out until you're at 3 years.

Lemonadegirl - it doesn't depend on the NICE guidelines, it depends on what area you are in.

heyarnold19 Tue 08-Sep-15 16:54:43

Hi kiwi, that is pretty frustrating isn't it? 3 years is such a long time, especially when others only have to wait half as long. I also wonder whether its 3 years before you can get referred so therefore it could be more like 4 years by the time you have been on a waiting list. I'm trying not to think about that though, i've also been pretty down recently so since AF arrived on Sunday I have decided that I am going to be more positive, eat healthily and exercise more. Hopefully that will make a difference.

So glad I have found some people in a similar situation. You'll all have to keep me updated with how you are getting on.

kiwiblue Wed 09-Sep-15 07:53:22

Hi heyarnold, hope today's appointment goes well.

Yes, it's so hard to wait. And yes, from what I was told yesterday, it is referral at 3 years so you join the waiting list at that point. The gynae wouldn't tell us how long we might have to wait at that point.

Hopefully you get some answers today.

heyarnold19 Wed 09-Sep-15 15:52:21

Hi just a quick update in case anyone is interested! HSG all fine as expected and I had my list of questions all prepared but it turns out I didnt need to ask them! I was told that I would be referred to the local fertility clinic for IVF! Its going to take a while for anything to happen, probably 8 weeks before I get an appointment and at least 6 months before we can actually start anything but at least there is some progress.

This has really confused me though as I was told in my first appointment that it was definitely 3 years of trying first - but I thought it best not to mention that today in case she changed her mind.

I hope you all get some good news soon too and thanks for responding to me, it has really helped. smile

kiwiblue Fri 11-Sep-15 17:30:50

Wow, that's great news!!! So good that you can get an appointment in 8 weeks too, it must feel great to have things moving along! Very pleased for you.

HaylAB Fri 11-Sep-15 17:57:50

That's great news!! Bet your feeling very relieved. Good luck with everything smile

heyarnold19 Tue 15-Sep-15 21:26:44

Thanks guys. I'm still trying to not get my hopes up in case there is a much longer wait but I do feel that we have made some progress. I'm also still holding out a bit of hope for a BFP before the appointment - I've just been away for a few days and am trying to be much more positive!

Good luck!

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