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Strapping on our lady balls and going menkul because we HATE THIS SHIT!! The Berries: a lovely bunch of 30 something Ladybros TTC #1

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happylass Sat 05-Sep-15 09:25:12

The small print:

The Berries have strict entrance criteria: TTC #1 for 12 months+, over 30, NO instadiffers, must have a special pimping pot and absolutely no mention of baby dust/dancing. Not that we're fussy!

Current Ladybros:

Minx 35 - TTC 2.5 years. Stage 4 endometriosis, both tubes blocked, 1 buried ovary, IVF #1 started Aug '15 at Mustache Towers, if all goes well results due mid-Sept.

Smidge 39, TTC since Jan '13. Unexplained. Some high NK cell immune treatment. IVF#1 Short protocol Jul'14 BFN; IVF#2 Nov'14 and IVF#3 Feb'15 both Long protocol BFNs; Natural FET Jun'15 - Another BFN. Trying to work out what to do next.

Happylass, 37, TTC since Aug 2012. 2 failed ICSI cycles, 1 failed FET and 1 abandoned cycle due to poor response. Hoping to start antagonist cycle mid September. HATE THIS SHIT!!

Beaky 35, ttc 3 yrs, 2x failed iui 1 long protocol ivf cancelled, 1 short protocol IVF BFN, very low amh etc etc. In 2ww for 2nd sp IVF.

Tigerdog, 35, ttc since Jan 2013. Unexplained. IVF #1 chemical pregnancy. Currently redoing tests in preparation for IVF #2.

barkingtreefrog 36, ttc since Dec 2011. clomid bfp summer 2013 then mc @7 weeks, iui bfp summer 2014 then mc @6 weeks. Factor V leiden thrombophilia diagnosed at the repeat mc clinic. IUI bfn Jan 2015, IVF bfn April/May 2015. FET bfn August 2015, remaining frozen embryo perished. Pursuing private tests and then long protocol ivf in Oct/Nov.

Lumen, 35, ttc since Nov 2011, unexplained, two IVF cycles in 2014, both bfns, waiting for lap&dye and results of numerous bloods, aiming for one last IVF cycle.

Kuma - 40. TTC 2.9 years. Low AMH high FSH - DH antisperm ABs. Failed IVF June 14 and March 15, cancelled cycle June 15. Last try September 15

Lucieloos, 36, TTC 18 months, low AMH & sperm motility. ICSI#1, April 2015, Czech, 2xblasts transferred, BFN. Icsi#2, cancelled before EC. Icsi#3, 2 mature and fertilised, both to blast and frozen. Icsi#4 in October, embryo banking.

Rain, 34, ttc since March 2012. unexplained. Mystery bfp oct 13, MMC Nov 13. IVF#1 Aug 2015

Sesame, 40, ttc with no dp, on this road for 2 years, multiple failed IVFs, 3 ETs, 1 bfp then mc, poor responder with v low AMH, but still looking for the golden egg.

nolly, 33, TTC 3 years, 1 confirmed MC, 2 more suspected. still in limbo

Spare, 34, TTC 3 years, IVF#1 short protocol + ICSI August 14 BFP but pregnancy loss at 20+ weeks, 3 failed FET, IVF #2 short protocol + PICSI August 15

Funkymonk 33. Ttc since October 2012. Mc June 2013, Mmc dec 2013, mc June 2014. Factor v Leiden thrombophilia. Abandoned IVF Jan 2015 due to thin lining. Abandoned FET Aug 2015 due to thin lining. 4 embies on ice. Cycling again November time I think.

Clem, currently on 3rd Clomid Cycle

Pip - quite simply the Best In Show.

happylass Sat 05-Sep-15 09:38:50

Don't want to start the new thread on a downer but just a little heads up - don't read the thread on the conception board entitled "Please help. I don't know who the father of my baby is". It will make you want to stick pins in your eyes. This is why I rarely venture outside of Berryland angry

lucieloos Sat 05-Sep-15 09:59:14

Pulling up a seat!

TheRainDrops Sat 05-Sep-15 09:59:59

<plops down on the pouffe of possibility, adjusts lady balls> nice digs happy! Thanks!

Just place marking for now as we're about to go out, will be back later!

beakybeak Sat 05-Sep-15 11:08:37

<joins Rain on the pouffe, looks longingly at the real champagne from the champagne region being offered around>

Hello ladybro berries! Thanks for the new home Happy grin

Minx and Spare are you both PUPO now?? Hope the transfers went well!

Happy I tend to stick to berryland or infertility boards, that thread sounds awful.

tigerdog Sat 05-Sep-15 11:13:46

<reclines on the chaise longue of limbo, saves a space for nolly>

Thanks for the new thread Happy!

Hope ET goes well for spare and minx! All the PUPO ladies, hope you're doing ok!

Waves to everyone else - just on the way out for castles and posh lunch! Hope you all have a lovely day x

mmmminx Sat 05-Sep-15 12:02:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sparechange Sat 05-Sep-15 12:46:51

I'm PUPO! Two grade one 8 cells on board. The other two were lagging behind at 6 cells each, so they are having a couple more days in culture to see if they can make it to blast and be frozen. OTD is 16th...
4 PUPO berries. This has to be our cluster. Has to be...

beakybeak Sat 05-Sep-15 13:07:19

Yey Minx that's fantastic! And 2 for the freezer! Well done. What are you up to today then? Relaxing etc?

Spare hooray that's brilliant! I hope you get two frosties too, that would be ace. Fx for all of us! Pom-poms at the ready berries!

Tiger enjoy the castle and posh lunch, it sounds lovely!

SesameSparkle Sat 05-Sep-15 18:10:39

Four PUPO berries sitting on a pouffe! Sounds like a song…. grin

happy thank you for the lovely shiney new thread! <gets comfy> How are you feeling since cancellation?

minx yay for the hatching blast on board, and 2 in the freezer! smile

spare yay for 2 grade ones on board! And 2 more still going in the lab. Looks like you’ve swung that one back in your favour. <does pupo dance>

rain, hope you’re feeling ok and hanging on. The second week is the hardest part. But it’s not long to go now…

beaky, how are you feeling? Did MT ever tell you what happened to the beakryos left behind?

funky <waves hello, nice to meet you> Do you mind me asking, what happened with your FET last month?

tiger hope you had a lovely castley, lunchy day?

nolly how is limboland, any glimpse of an exit sign?

I’m pretending to be normal today and ignoring the current disastrous IVF round except for brief interruptions for stabbing, I did a yoga class, had a pancake filled brunch, and I’m going to the cinema in a bit.

Happy weekend berries!

<scurries off singing “and if one PUPO berry should accidently pimp…”>

clementineclouds Sat 05-Sep-15 18:58:28

hi everyone...lovely shiny new thread...not been mn for a few days, so a bit behind...

woohoo for all the PUPO berries

hope everyone is okay, and having a good weekend. x

beakybeak Sat 05-Sep-15 23:02:29

Oo Sesame I hope you enjoyed the pancakes <jealous> also what did you see at the cinema? We went tonight as well but it wasn't that good hmm The two embies that were left both had problems and weren't going to progress (not sure how to say that!) so Im not sure what they do really. Hope you're feeling ok, I've started to think distraction is key while going through this shit.

Hope you're having a nice weekend too clem smile

tigerdog Sun 06-Sep-15 08:29:47

...comes in singing in the style of Beyoncé:

All the PUPO ladies (All the PUPO ladies),
All the PUPO ladies (All the PUPO ladies), put your hands up!

Just had to get that out there as it has been in my head for most of the weekend!

Right, off to make breakfast for the masses and see if t-dog is surviving the toddler!

funkymonk Sun 06-Sep-15 13:34:11

<also singing all the PUPO berries>

Marking place on new thread. Hope the PUPO's are having relaxing Sunday's.

Sorry for being a berry thread nomad again.

Hi sesame! My fresh cycle and fet both got abandoned due to thin endometrium. Where are you up to in the quest for the golden egg? Down regging at present?

sparechange Sun 06-Sep-15 15:48:09

Haha, tiger I love our anthem! Can Beaky choreograph a cheerleading style dance to it please? We should go on Britian's Got Talent..!

DH and I are having a nice lazy day. We've taken the dog for a nice long walk in the sunshine and spent an hour cooking something which will be in the oven for the next 2 hours. The total ROTTER decided that he wanted a glass of wine so opened a bottle of something really nice that I'd been saving and a did a 'what, this old thing?' face when I told him off for rubbing in that I'm on fizzy water...

Ladies, I hope you don't mind, but I've been chatting to a poster on another thread who is in 2ww hell for her 8th time, and suggested she comes and joins us for some handholding. Kerrie28, if you are lurking, come and say hello!

Kerrie28 Sun 06-Sep-15 16:03:46

Hello ladies. I'm currently on my 2ww it's our 8th attempt of icsi fet was on the 27th and test is on 9/9. Fet in 2012 resulted in pregnancy but miscarried. Had 4 miscarriages with any ivf. I wish you all luck. Xx

sparechange Sun 06-Sep-15 16:09:18

Hi Kerrie, and welcome.
As you can see from the stats page, we have all been through the mill, but I can confidently say you won't get better support anywhere else in the real or internet world...

A few posters are experts on vitamin supplements as well, so ask away if you think it will help.
Personally, me and DH started taking CoQ10 before our most recent cycle and it had an effect on his sperm quality. Others have had the 'hidden infection' tests from the Greek clinics which are also supposed to have pretty dramatic effects of sperm quality, and also help with implantation as well.
Do they know what has caused your recurrent miscarriages?

Kerrie28 Sun 06-Sep-15 17:15:49

Hello spare, we don't have a clue on what supplements. And they say it's just one of those things but I find that hard to believe confused

sparechange Sun 06-Sep-15 17:42:57

barking shared the list that her clinic recommended for both of them on our last thread - cut and pasted below. Beware that some of the vitamins cost a small fortune. Now is the time to sign up for a Holland & Barrett loyalty card!

The clinic info advises that antioxidants have a beneficial effect on sperm parameters. They suggest:
Vitamin E 400iui
Vitamin C 100mg
Selenium 26 ugm
Zinc 25 mg
Lycopene 6mg
Garlic 1000mg
Folate 0.5mg
They recommend Menevit that you can get on the internet from Australia, or suggest Natural Health Practice Fertility Plus for Men @ 2 a day plus BioCare Lycopene and Solgar Garlic Oil.

mmmminx Sun 06-Sep-15 18:13:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kerrie28 Sun 06-Sep-15 18:49:57

Thank you spare I will look intoit.
Mmmminx- i have had soo many bad cramps and bleeding on days 3/4 post fet. That I took a test on day 8 I think it was. And very disappointed when it showed up negative. sad my head is all over the place. But I'm not alone I have been reading what all of you have been through andyou are all soo brave. Xx

TheRainDrops Sun 06-Sep-15 21:17:48

Oh wow, 5 PUPOs at once! Amazing news spare and minx and welcome kerrie!
I'm thinking about testing early now, I don't think I can hack it till Friday. I am feeling massively pessimistic about it, sort of just want to get it over with. What would be the earliest date you think I could POAS and not be misled either way? Currently 8dp3dt.

barkingtreefrog Sun 06-Sep-15 21:22:08

Cocks leg to place mark [sorry, too much time with dogs this weekend]. Will be back.

SesameSparkle Sun 06-Sep-15 21:24:14

beaky I saw Mistres America. I really enjoyed it and didn’t even mind the scene with some random preggos. Yes, distraction is key.

Hey tiger did you have a nice time with your visitors?

barking so how did you do?

clem hope you had a nice weekend?

spare sorry about the sparkling water, I hope you at least had a nice dinner?

Hi Kerrie welcome and fingers crossed for a short stay.

smidge have you got any closer to a decision between Ali G and the prof?

funky I’m currently on stims, although haven’t been responding to the drugs this time and fc have already suggested cancelling... Did they explain why your lining didn’t build up? And was it a natural or medicated FET? So what’s next for you?

minx I’ve had a little bit of bloating over the weekend, and some signs that there’s a bit more oestrogen in my body. It might be too little too late, but I guess I’ll find out either way tomorrow. Glad you are feeling better and got to enjoy the last bit of summer today.

Did I hear someone mention a runners and riders list?

SesameSparkle Sun 06-Sep-15 21:44:26

rain 8dp3dt is the equivalent of 11dpo. I have to admit that I’m an early tester. I got my bfp on 11dpo, but it was incredibly feint and just as much of a mind fuck as the snow white test lines. I think you could test tomorrow with fmu if you wanted, if you have a very sensitive test - there's a good chance a bfp would show up on 12dpo. If you wanted to be completely sure, then I reckon you’d get a clear result on Wednesday, which would be 14dpo – that was OTD in my first clinic. There are lots of good reasons to wait though and I’m sure other berries will be along to back that one. Are you feeling any symptoms right now?

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