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TTC breastfeeding 1 year old - return of period HELP PLEASE

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Iwantiwantiwant Fri 04-Sep-15 17:32:35


My DD is 1 (birthday was in August), and i had my first period in August to. This I my first one since birth.

We co sleep so she feeds quite a bit through the night, however, the feeding through the day is limited as I work 2 full days, and sometimes we are too busy for her to feed on the days when I am home.

My question is, when your periods did return, did they return regularly every month? I'm ready to TTC the next. Or were they irregular until you completely stopped?

Elizabeth88 Sat 05-Sep-15 13:39:01

My periods returned when I reduced feeding she was sleeping through and weaning onto food at 6 months when I had my first period, I conceived pretty much straight away after that (unintentionally but very happily) so I can't offer more advice.
The only thing I will say is being pregnant greatly reduced my milk supply to the point I gave up entirely, so just be prepared for this, I don't think it always happens though but doctor said that was normal.

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