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IVF with high FSH:LH ratio?

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Alibaba81 Thu 03-Sep-15 09:02:50

Hi, we are due to have our first IVF consultations at the ARGC later this month, having borrowed more on our mortgage to make it possible. (Thank you, London housing market). However, I am freaking out because my bloods at Day 2, done by the GP, showed FSH 6.7 (fine) but LH 1.7 - giving a VERY high FSH:LH ratio of >4. All the studies I can find on pubmed etc suggest much lower success rates with IVF with high FSH:LH ratio, in fact one study showed that 16 women with a ratio >3.5 achieved 0% success. Before we waste our emotional energy, not to mention cash, on this, does anyone have any positive outcomes to share? I am 34 years old. No other fertility issues found.

BlueBirdy Fri 06-May-16 11:51:01

Hello, I know this post is really old, but I was wondering if you had gained any insight? I'm in the exact same position - all healthy except for high FSH:LH ratio of >3. The only thing that I have found to help this issue was a research paper saying that ladies in this category do better on a long agonist protocol. Hope you've managed to get somewhere with this, anyway smile

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