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TTC with PCOS (Thread #3)

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RoseBud2015 Wed 02-Sep-15 19:04:19

If you have been diagnosed with PCOS and would like a small group of very friendly ladies in the same position as you to talk to, then this is the thread for you!

You can find our first thread >>>>>>>> HERE

You can find our second thread >>>>>>>>> HERE

You can find the stats >>>>>HERE


mistletoeprickles Wed 02-Sep-15 20:21:33

Just a place mark

bananafish81 Wed 02-Sep-15 22:35:34

Place marking! X

chandelierswinger Thu 03-Sep-15 08:30:19

Woo hoo, shiny new thread! May it bring some long awaited BFPs star

ellewalk Thu 03-Sep-15 09:26:15

Still here and watching and wishing all the best, (so thought I would place mark on the new thread), you girls keep me sane, just knowing there are other women going through these struggles helps. I am just keeping to what I agreed with my GP. Try to resolve the PCOS naturally with diet and exercise, if I am not pregnant in 6 months then I will get on this merry go round full force, in a good position from all the knowledge I have gained on here! I wish all of the ladies on here all the baby dust in the world smile

Dollface136 Thu 03-Sep-15 10:02:07

Marking my place! xx

bananafish81 Thu 03-Sep-15 12:26:18

Have a fabulous weekend away Rosebud, hope you and DH have a lovely break! And thanks for setting up the new thread, what would we do without you! smile

So, I saw the consultant this morning, FSH is down from a very scary 17.6 to a not-brilliant-but-much-less-scary 9.5. If my cycle follows the same pattern as last 2 months, then day 1 should be around the 24th Sept, and should start stimming on the 25th (going to be on short protocol, so straight into injecting, no down-regging)

Seeing him for a baseline scan on the 25th Sept, and if I’ve not ovulated or started a period by then, he’ll give me Provera to bring on a bleed and we’ll go from there.

The FSH change means we don’t know how I’ll respond, though as it’s thought ‘you’re only as good as your worst FSH’, he’s going to work on that basis and start me on high stims, and see how we go…

Vixxfacee Thu 03-Sep-15 18:23:55

Rosebud I really hope you enjoy your holiday and get the news you have been waiting for!

I have my ivf appointment on Tuesday and I think il start the first injections and I'm absolutely petrified!

mistletoeprickles Thu 03-Sep-15 19:23:17

rosebud thanks for the new thread and have a lovely break. We've just arrived home from a few days away so we're well rested too.

vixx hope all goes well flowers

banana best of luck. On the note of proverb, I've had it twice and each time it I had a five day course then it took 14 days to make me bleed.

I have nothing to report currently. I've got bloods on Monday to check I ovulated. I'm pretty sure I did but we only managed to deed twice as we've been so busy but still got everything crossed. I'll be due to test on DP'S birthday which would an awesome present

stealthbanana Fri 04-Sep-15 11:14:18

Ooh have now caught up with friend - lots of news. flowers to banana, chandelier and others, and big congrats to those with BFPs!

meanwhile, i'm CD39, BFN yesterday and apart from having a continuous dull ache in my left hand side (it's been there for a few days now) and a bit of CM i have no symptoms at all - either of pregnancy or AF.

i'm wondering whether i have a lazy ovary on my left side - my 3 cycles so far have been 36, 57, 35 days and now i'm CD39 so it's looking like another long one this time round. I DEFINITELY ov'd last time too - felt it on CD21ish so that is a perfect 14 day luteal phase. Have consulted dr google and alternating cycle lengths seems to be a definite thing for some people -the question is whether i'm ovulating v v late on one side (in which case I could be ov'g now?) or just not at all on the long cycles (seems more likely). Let's see what the next 2 months brings. If that's the case we could go for it on the "good" cycle and maybe try soy on the bad side? Hmmm. I don't know. Will ask my gynae when I go back in whenever CD21 of my next cycle is!

stealthbanana Fri 04-Sep-15 11:58:20

* thread not friend!

Freddiesmother Fri 04-Sep-15 15:51:07

Hey all, thanks so much for the third thread Rosebud. Sorry its a BFN for you Stealth but good you seem to be working out things about your cycle that might help.

So its a defo BFN for me. I still have three rounds of Clomid left and am responding to the 150g so thats good but I have started to wonder about IUI... there are no mail factor issues with us but I think it still increases your chances? I think we would have to pay for it but its cheaper than IVF which we would have to pay for anyway if this doesn't work. Have any of you ladies thought about it? Do you know any stats on how much of a difference it makes to your chances?

Ginfizz90 Fri 04-Sep-15 17:12:02

Hi everyone! Banana im glad the results are looking more optimistic for you, I'm sure this is all down to hormones from the pill!

I've been having the cycle from hell, so far had pos opk on cd19,25 and now cd30 with loads of ewcm did an opk and also positive! I don't know what's going on very confuesed- no idea if I have oved or just gearing up to. Has anybody else struggled with this? I know opks are pointless really!!

bananafish81 Fri 04-Sep-15 17:16:49

Welcome back stealth hope you had a fantastic holiday!

Big hugs Freddiesmother. I can only pass on what my Dr said to me when I asked about IUI, and he said unless there's male factor or severe CM issues from Clomid, he said there's no real difference in success rates vs timed intercourse. If we only got one follicle and decided to cancel our IVF cycle, we could convert to IUI but he'd recommend saving ourselves the money, and doing timed intercourse rather than IUI. Other doctors may say differently though Xxx

Dollface136 Fri 04-Sep-15 17:20:02

Hey ginfizz. Are you monitoring temp too? I only ask as I had recurring ewcm and positive opks throughout my cycles on all cycles whether I ov or not so it was very confusing. The only way I could pinpoint it was when I got the tripple of opk, ewcm and high temp the following day.

I have read that pcos is the cause of the recurring patches of ewcm and opks which makes it so tricky for us ladies, but if you get all 3 signs that must be more reliable surely.

Anyway, what that ramble was trying to say is don't lose hope and dtd as much as you can as I did ov on cycles where I had your symptoms.

Ginfizz90 Fri 04-Sep-15 17:45:19

Hi dollface, no I don't monitor temps I know I should but im shift work so really wouldn't be reliable.

You might be right and not ov at all, I guess I will just have to wait and see if AF comes! Never had so much ewcm in a cycle, usually I get none! Maybe it's because I took soy this month. Wish we all had access to an ultrasound at home haha!

Rufus200 Fri 04-Sep-15 20:45:09

gin I had several cycles where 3 lots of ewcm and +ve OPKs, I would get AF 14 days after the 3rd one each time. I just DTD everytime but wasn't convinced I ovulated on any of them, didn't get BFP until I started clomid. On clomid only had 1 +ve OPK per cycle. There are less sensitive OPKs you can buy on Amazon that are supposed to filter out some of the false +ve

IsItIorAreTheOthersCrazy Sat 05-Sep-15 20:48:19

Well hello on thread 3! I didn't realise we moved - I posted on the old thread yesterday.

Hope everyone is doing ok. I can't name check as I'm on my phone.
Can someone please help me with preseed? How much should I use? I have the applicators and the instructions said 3gs but that seemed like loads so I've been using 2gs. Can't tell if that's too much / not enough though? Also, did anyone's DH / dp not really like it?

I'm on cd 17, feeling very emotional and weepy, boobs a little sore but nothing like last cycle so I'm a bit worried I haven't / won't ov. Also realised via the lovely FB that it is a year ago today that I started a thread about crying in work because DH called to tell me our friends were having a baby. A whole year! That's been a bit of a horrible thought in the back of my mind today sad

Fingers crossed for everyone flowers

Freddiesmother Sat 05-Sep-15 22:04:53

Isit - I feel for you. We become so obsessed with each cycle we loose sight of how long we have been putting ourselves through the whole ordeal. Its a physical and mental slog and I think its easy not to give yourself the credit you deserve for persevering and getting through all the shitty times. A year is a long time but you are doing great.

Banana thanks for the advice about IUI I will ask the nurse when I phone her on Monday and may phone the clinic as well (although they are likely to say its beneficial I guess as they will see £££ signs!)

Feeling panicked and desperate today flew back from holiday on a plane with lots of babies and just felt huge pangs in my chest.... still my BFN means I can enjoy a glass of wine!

Dollface136 Mon 07-Sep-15 16:06:18

IsIt I only used half he recommended amount as otherwise I found it way too much and couldn't actually feel much when we were doing the deed. DH didn't seem to notice with half the amount. No idea if that affects how affective it is sorry.

Sorry to hear you are feeling down. As Freddie said you must give yourself credit for so much perseverance and putting yourself through this. It's hard and long and takes really strong women to not give up on the fight so go you!

Miskate Mon 07-Sep-15 16:47:35

Hi everyone,

Just popping on here for a bit of advice really.
I was diagnosed PCOS in January 2014 after being massively fobbed off by my GP. We paid to go private as we didn't want to wait 18 months to be seen by the NHS, when I knew there was definitely a problem as my periods were totally irregular.

The private clinic scanned me, confirmed PCOS and started me on Clomid. I was extremely fortunate to fall pregnant that first month, and now have a lovely 10 month old son.

Now we're thinking about trying again. I have a blister pack of 5 Clomid tablets left over from January 2014, that are still in date. Do you think I should:

a) use them by myself, hope for the best, crack on with the business of babymaking - risk here is that it's a dangerous thing to do, I wouldn't want to put mine or my potential baby's life at risk.
b) speak to my (rubbish) GP about it and ask for Clomid to be prescribed officially to me on the NHS - risk here is that GP tells me to b*gger off
c) go back to the private clinic and spend £500+ on scans and Clomid - risk here is that I really can't afford to do this, we're obviously in a very different financial position now.


RoseBud2015 Mon 07-Sep-15 17:44:40

Hi ladies,

I'm back!!! Oh my God the South of France is stunning! Who knew there was such a gorgeous place so close to the UK??! 30 degree heat and one of the most stunning beaches I have ever seen! apart from the Maldives cos nothing will EVER beat that

Banana Great to hear that your FSH is decreasing! Not long now until you start the meds for IVF- this is such a scary but exciting time for you- I hope it works wonders for you smile

Vixx Good luck with the IVF appointment tomorrow- did you decide not to give 150mg clomid a try in the end?

Mistletoe Good luck with your bloods today When do you get the results? I am having mine done tomorrow so we are very close together! x

Stealth Are you sure those dull aches on the left are not ov pain? I automatically thought that when reading your symptoms! Did you DTD just to be sure?

Freddie Sorry for the BFN. I have thought about IUI and discounted it very quickly on the basis of the success rates being very different from a 'normal' person conceiving naturally! I would rather spend the same money and have IVF abroad with a 55% chance of success.....have you looked into this option?

RoseBud2015 Mon 07-Sep-15 17:54:10

Isit I have filled up the other thread so we don't lose posts- you poor thing, must have thought we had all abandoned you! lol With the pre-seed I used 3gs the first time and it was far too much! Now I use either 1 or 2 gs depending on how moist (sorry!) I am! That is plenty! And DH prefers a little bit of friction, as do I!
150mg clomid really is shitty- it has so many horrible side effects. I hope you are feeling less emotional today flowers

Welcome Miskate Honestly I would do option C, but that's because I am a wimp when it comes to health and taking risks! Could you just pay for the first cycle of tracking and then, once you know that it doesn't over-simulate you and its working, stop the monitoring?! For me the risk isn't worth the £500 saving.

As for me, CD 26 and 6DPO if I did in fact ov. FF is still not confirming ov but I have my blood test tomorrow so will know soon enough! We have been at it like crazy rabbits for the last 2 weeks so if I haven't ov'ed I will be majorly pissed off! Time will tell! smile

stealthbanana Mon 07-Sep-15 20:00:46

Sth of France is gorgeous, rosebud - glad you had a good time! And fx you ov ed.

I'm pretty sure the pain wasn't ov pain - it was there for ages (like almost 2 weeks) and I can actually still feel it although not as strong. If it was ov, it was long and probs didn't work given I'm now on cd42. I think one side of me is a dud sad the only thing I'm contemplating is going back to my gynae BEFORE next cycle (ie before I've done any blood tests) and starting clomid. My head knows I should just wait another cucle and get the tests done but that's likely to be 5-6 weeks away ie I wouldn't be starting clomid til November if I wait. Ho hum.

Miskate- I would be nervous about your hormones being different post baby and not want to take the clomid without medical supervision. 10mths post birth is so so soon. I would be more tempted to lie to the nhs and say you had a period a few mths ago (have you?) and now they've atopped and you have pcos - they should refer you more quickly this time.

IsItIorAreTheOthersCrazy Mon 07-Sep-15 20:31:23

Rosebud welcome back! I love the way you've filled the old thread grin So glad your holiday went well! I have my fingers tightly crossed that you ov'd this cycle!

I'm feeling loads better thank you, am cd 19 and think if i ov'd / will ov this cycle it was either yesterday or today as the signs have gone a bit mad (lots of ewcm and very tender boobs --not to mention the feeling very in love and weepy about it--)
Sorry for tmi but DH said he hates the preseed - it 'doesn't feel like me' apparently blush and tbh I couldn't feel much. We tried again with just under 2gs and we'll keep going with it this cycle but it's a bit strange knowing neither of particularly like the feeling!

* mistake* if you want to get clomid and tracking on the NHS you'll probably need a referral and that can take a while so if you want to try now it's option a or c. I'm a bit blasé about these things so would just take the tablets, but I understand my attitude isn't necessarily the most sensible. And also I've been trying on long I would give anything a go!

freddiesmother flowers for your BFN - it's bloody horrible isn't it?

dollface thank you! I think I concentrate on each individual cycle so much that it's a bit of a shock to take a step back and actually see how long we've been trying.

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