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First month off the pill, CD39 - no period and BFN.. what's going on?!

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LilyMyOneAndOnly Sat 29-Aug-15 10:20:41

Was wondering if anyone had some words of wisdom for me.. this is my first month off the pill, three weeks since we had sex in what I thought was my fertile window(DH works away so not many opportunities!).

So last Tuesday (CD35) I start to get some brown spotting so I think AF is turning up, bit late but never mind. Had a tiny bit of brown spotting on Wed and Thur and now nothing. Taken a few tests at CD28 32 and 38 test (used Clear Blue digital and a First Response) and they are all clearly negative.

So am I missing a period this month (I'm now on CD39)? Is it safe to keep ttc when my DH comes home next week or should I wait until I have had a proper period? Do you think it's worth a trip to the GP or would I just be wasting their time?

No idea if I'm even ovulating so have bought some predictor kits online.

I wish now I had waited for a proper period after stopping the pill.. but was too impatient and wanted to start ttc straight away! Any advice greatly welcome, I'm driving myself mad!!

Sunshinegirl2015 Sat 29-Aug-15 10:39:02

I didn't get AF for 42 days the first month I came of for the pill.

I think it's safe to keep trying it just makes it harder to pinpoint when conception happened but scans can always help with that.

Good luck!

kitkat1989 Sat 29-Aug-15 16:24:24

My first af was cd48! Will take a while to regulate x

sophied1983 Sun 06-Sep-15 20:22:50

First AF arrived six weeks after coming off Pill and next cycle was 45 days! Wish it would even out to a regular one.

Sunnydays1788 Sun 06-Sep-15 20:27:07

A few years ago I came off the pill it took me 10 months to have a period. Iv been taking it again for about 6 years and then stopped my pill mid July and currently on day 53 and nothing yet! It can take a while for periods to return. 1st time I came off the pill it wasn't to TTC so I wasn't too fussed. This time, although we aren't trying yet, I will probably see GP if nothing by 6 months. Some peoples fertility returns immediately though so fingers crossed things settle quickly for you. X

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