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Immune /natural killer cell treatment when ttc or pregnant (aka the 17th pred thread!)

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Hula2 Thu 27-Aug-15 20:55:19

This is a thread for those diagnosed with high or very high natural killer cells and trying to concieve or are pregnant and taking steroids/intralipids etc

Newcomers very welcome

Hula2 Thu 27-Aug-15 20:59:12

Here s the previous thread:

Lets hope this one s full of bfps and babies x

Tryingno1 Thu 27-Aug-15 21:38:26

Thanks hula

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Fri 28-Aug-15 09:21:53

Thanks hula.

sw I hope you're feeling better soon, wish there was a nicer way you could tell the treatment was lowering your immune system!

We're going to visit our puppy on Saturday! I know it's totally a baby replacement psychologically but what the hell, we need something to help me not remember this last twelve months as the worst of my entire life.

Did you all see Lucy liu is a mum at 46! She used a surrogate and it really makes me hopeful that there are so many ways of being a mum. I actually know someone who used a surrogate twice because she had to have a hysterectomy.

swlondonnanny Fri 28-Aug-15 11:02:09

Hulla thank you for starting a new thread, fingers crossed for loads of sticky BFP on this one smile
Thank you Snoopy Yey to puppy visit grin

Seekingmiracles Fri 28-Aug-15 21:04:40

Hey Lovelies smile
Sorry you've got shingles SW, thats crap. sad. Hopefully it won't be long until you're feeling better.

Snoopy - what dog are you getting?? So exciting. It is honestly the best thing we have done. I love having a dog. Loki is such a little blessing at such a crap time.

Hula - when are you going to test? I'm hoping for a week today. I'm offcially 3dpo - Fertility friend confirmed today based on temps. Fingers crossed. Hopefully this thread will be luckier than the last.

Trying Well done with your weight loss!! I'm lacking in self control big style. Thank god i'm back running otherwise I'd be the size of a small house. I really hope ARGC is your answer. smile

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Sat 29-Aug-15 11:20:45

seeking I'm so excited for you, you know the treatment works for you so you have an amazing chance of your next bfp being 'the one', just two weeks to find out!

We're getting a border terrier. It's funny, I wasn't nervous about how I'd cope with a baby the three times I've been pregnant but I'm really nervous about the puppy phase.

Hope everyone has got nice things planned for the bank holiday. I made the mistake of watching eastenders last night. I know I shouldn't have. I started crying before they even started the scan.

Hula2 Sat 29-Aug-15 20:12:37

Hey Seeking everything crossed for a bfp for you. I m 7dpo so as much as i hate early testing i m doing pred this cycle so gonna have to test at 10dpo so that ll be tues.

Snoopy yay for the puppy, borders are lovely, thats what i d have if i didn t have cats (who would leave home if i got a dog !)

Welldone on the weight loss Trying, can t wait for you to be able to get cracking with argc.

Ds was 4 last week so its starting school next week, still seems so young, he will be one of the youngest. Gosh were did the time go ?

Hi to everyone else. Sunny and Rosa hope your bumps are coming on nicely, must be nearly 3rd trimester for you Rosa.

Seekingmiracles Sun 30-Aug-15 10:11:34

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Tuesday Hula, hope this is your month.
Ahhhhh, border terriers are lovely. My friend has one and he's such a little character Snoopy. Puppies are definitely hard work, I'm sure a baby would be a breeze in comparison hmm
Enjoy your weekends lovelies smile

Hula2 Tue 01-Sep-15 08:14:00

Bfn again ladies.....not sure this is ever going to happen now

Seekingmiracles Tue 01-Sep-15 08:40:53

Oh Hula, I'm sorry. Don't give up hope yet though.... You know that SO can take a few months to work. You will get there hun. It is so hard though, sending you big hugs. x

Tryingno1 Tue 01-Sep-15 10:35:20

Hey girls
Oh hula im so sorry sad is it 10dpo? Any chance drugs can be increased to release 3 eggs??? I hope ur ok sad

Seeking good luck! When r u testing? Glad puppy is keeping u smiling smile

Snoopy yay to ur puppy! I'm sure it will bring u smiles too smile

Not much to say on my end! Argc on the 10th it's come around quick. I'm hoping I can start asap after they do their monitoring cycle. If my tnf is raised it will be delayed though as they treat it with humira before u r allowed to cycle-last year it was normal so I hope it's not up now! Please all have ur fingers crossed my DH still has sperm swimming around am terrified it's going to be zero soon sad
Gluten free is going about 5 days a week, then weekends I let my hair down a bit! Mainly as we eat out once a week and Ill end up with a pudding or eat the bread! Also drank too much this weekend and felt v guilty! I'm not TTC as its not goimg to happen naturally but I don't want to damage my eggs for ivf! So am dropping down to 2u a week. (Not ten like this weekend confused )!!

Waves to others x

Hula2 Tue 01-Sep-15 11:16:09

Thanks ladies. Yes 10 dpo today. Will check again at 12 dpo but stopping pred now as highly likely to still be a bfn. Really hope the SO drugs can prevent the pred messing next cycle as happened when i took it on a natural cycle otherwise i ll be totally screwed..... I m already on 10mg so dont think he ll go any higher.

Feel stuck in a catch 22, its 2 yrs ttc this one now and quite honestly i ve had enough but at my age if i give up now then i ve got to let go of ds ever having a sibling and that breaks my heart sad

Mr s said 80% of people have success in 6mns of SO with immune tx and the humira lasts about 6mns so i guess i ve got to find the strength to give it 3 more months and then i need to let it go ....... Sorry to be a downer.

Seeking really hope you have some positive news soon.

Trying keeping everything crossed your Dhs sperm is ok and you don t get held up needing humira. Well done with the gluten free, i think if you re doing it 80% of the time then you ll still be getting the benefits and sometimes treating yourself is as important.

Tryingno1 Tue 01-Sep-15 18:33:25

I'm sorry hula sad why is this so hard for some of us, and others blink and it happens!

While u have eggs and sperm there is always hope so keep remiding urself with mr s said and hope it happens.

My counsellor was making me realise that this is the hardest part the waiting/limbo. If it works out great but if not she said women reframe their life and go through therapy etc and come out ok. They find a way to deal with it with time. So either way it will be ok-kinda?! I think it's kinda like that saying "if it's not ok it's not the end". It might be a diff end but it will hopefully still be ok...that's what I'm telling myself as I loose more and more hope! I'm hoping if it doesn't work out I'll find a way of changing of life to accept it? (Obv when I'm hysterically crying this frame of thought goes right out the window). Not sure if that way of thinking helps u, helps me sometimes!


Seekingmiracles Tue 01-Sep-15 20:41:23

I'm sorry Hula - I think you should definitely give it a few more goes. I know its so hard not to get despondent when things aren't going to plan, but as Trying says, if its not ok, its not the end.

I'm feeling fairly positive right now - but I know come Sunday/Monday when I'm due on I'll be a hysterical mess.

Hugs all round

Hula2 Tue 01-Sep-15 22:57:34

Thanks again ladies and yes it is helpful to try and think like that Trying. What would i do without you guys. x

Drttc Wed 02-Sep-15 17:47:49

Her ladies! Glad to see everyone is doing well. Been MIA because of the bloody hackers as well!

Nothing to update here. BFN last cycle which we didn't really go full effort for (no intralipids or steroids). Cycle day 1 today and debating whether to give it everything this cycle. I've been feeling dibs these last few days which is predictable before/at the start of my period. I get SO emotional it's ridiculous. Outside of these last few days I'd actually been feeling pretty good. All we can do is try again and again.

Karyotyping has come back fine for me and still waiting on the husbands results. But looks like balanced Translocations aren't an issue... So another thing crossed off the list! I have an appointment with the NHS recurrent miscarriage clinic on Friday and am at a loss as to what else to ask for. Perhaps sperm testing for the hubby?

Good luck to everyone and hope you have lovely evenings!

Drttc Wed 02-Sep-15 17:52:14

Sorry in your bfn hula (I'd only done a quick scan of last thread and not read this)! Think we were around the same cycle day so I felt your pain... We just need to keep moving forward. It's good to segment things and the idea of giving SO the next 3 months is a good way of looking at it... Think bigger picture (not just one cycle). hugs

Seekingmiracles Thu 03-Sep-15 08:31:47

Sorry you had a bfn also Drttc. Hope this cycle is better for you. Fantastic news that your karotyping came back normal, hope DH's is too.
I'm not sure how much more the NHS can do now... I suppose sperm test are one thing, but go in with an assertive mind and hopefully they'll offer something.

9dpo for me today, feel distinctly unpregnant. Nothing at all..... hmm. Don't even want to waste the test tomorrow!

Tryingno1 Thu 03-Sep-15 10:00:49

Sorry for the bfn drttc. Don't tbink nhs will do much except hold ur hand which can be helpful! I doubt they will rest sperm as like NK cells, most people don't think it contributes to mc. Infact I think Shehata thinks the same! Dna fragmention contributes, but nhs def doesn't Offer that...
Snoopy I hope u do yest tmrw and turns out a happy start to thread!
Seeking u must be testing soon too?
hula how u holding up?

Getting nervous as appt draws close! If my tnf is up-if will delay things by 2ish months (that's if they go down and not up like urs hula.
My tnf was 23 when SHehata did it, do u think it might have shot up? Anyone had their tnf tested more than once and not after Humira. I really want to crack on with things...

Seekingmiracles Thu 03-Sep-15 12:15:46

Technically I'm meant to test tomorrow Trying but i did a cheapie this morning and bfn. I know it could be too early, that the test isn't sensitive enough, that it wasn't fmu but in all likelihood it's just that I'm not pregnant. Which strangely i'm ok with. I'm fully accepting of the fact that its unlikely to happen straight away when it's generally taken 3-6 months each time.

Only had my TNF done once so no idea about how likely it is to have gone up. But I really hope it hasn't. Try to keep positive lovely.

Snoopysimaginaryfriend Thu 03-Sep-15 13:31:23

So sorry you're feeling down hula. We're always here when you need a rant but I agree with what's been said before, you definitely still have hope, it's just a question of toughing it out until it happens or making that really difficult decision and being at peace with it. But I'm convinced it's going to happen for you.

drttc good to hear from you, I think balanced translocation is quite rare so fingers crossed for your DH. And remember it wouldn't be the end of the world even if there was something there. Good luck with your appt, I'm dreading mine.

trying your in good hands. I don't know anything about tnf to reassure you but I'm sure the it's going to be fine. Good luck.

seeking I know how you feel. Ovia says test in five days but I'm feeling distinctly unpregnant. I was a bit naughty, because pred screwed up last months cycle I did opks this month and didn't start until 72 hours after the surge to try to prevent it messing up ovulation again. So I won't test until the day before af is due. I'll be on holiday so I've made peace with the fact it'll be a bfn and I can have a few cocktails.

sunnyday01 Thu 03-Sep-15 13:57:32

Hey everyone, found the new thread!

Sorry to hear there have been a few bfn's on here, it's gets so hard month after month but I keep my fingers crossed for all of you.

Hula - I would def finish the SO treatment before making a decision then you will know you gave it the full 6 months.

Trying - hope your appt goes ok and you can crack on with things sooner rather than later

As for me I'm 19 weeks today, feels like it's speeding up a bit now! Still worried about things that may happen but trying to remain positive as possible. Have my 20 week SCSI on 14th sept so Loki g forward to passing that milestone. Hoping to feel the baby move soon not sure I've felt anything yet.

Hula2 Thu 03-Sep-15 20:26:12

Thanks ladies for all your support, this is such a bloody trying journey but fingers crossed we ll all get there in the end.

Sorry for bfns dr and seeking, hoping its just too early for you seeking and snoopy hope you get a nice holiday suprise.

Trying i ve had my tnfs tested 3 times, first was nov 14 and it was 31.6 and so borderline i didn t feel comfortable going straight for humira. When nothing had happened after just trying pred i decided to have it tested again (about 2-3nns later) and it was almost exactly the same 31.8 so i d say there s a reasonable chance yours won t have changed much. Ironically after first round of humira it went to 34 and since i couldn t have more than 4x humira mr s said no point retesting again after humira (i would have been interested to see what it was if it wasn t for the 300 quid to test it!)

Sunny - wow 19 wks thats great, will be good to get the 20 wk scan done, just so you dont worry it can be quite a long scan with quite a bit of prodding to get all they need to see (i had to get up halfway thru and jump up and down to get him to move) and sometimes you have to go back again if they can t see it all (a friend was freaked when that happened until she was told its actually quite common). Hopefully yours will go great and hope too you ll start to feel movement soon tho again sometimes thats not until 24 wks or longer if u have an anterior placenta.

Afm inpatient now for af so i can get onto next cycle.

Tryingno1 Thu 03-Sep-15 20:43:42

Thanks hula, together us lot have all the answers. Well mine was 23 14 months ago I hope they r still that and haven't started misbehaving! Argc test after 1 humira and if still up give another. They don't give a third. And they also say even if it goes up u have a better chance than not having had it so fingers crossed for u xx

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