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Day 21 progesterone results - can they indicate BFP/BFN?

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waitingforarainbow Wed 26-Aug-15 13:43:27

Hi everyone,

I had some day 21 (well, day 23 as I ovulated on CD16) bloods taken this month and the result came back as 35. I assume this is 35 nmol, which is the usual measurement used in the UK (I can't see my GP for an explanation for a couple of weeks).

I had the test done as I have spotting in the luteal phase every month and was wondering if my progesterone levels are low. I also had a MMC after slow foetal growth earlier this year.

I know that levels of 30+ indicate that ovulation has taken place so this is good, but 35 isn't much over the threshold and I wondered if this means I'm definitely not pregnant this month?

Any ideas?

Thanks. X

waitingforarainbow Wed 26-Aug-15 18:03:28

Anyone? confused

Brenna24 Wed 26-Aug-15 18:24:01

I have absolutely no idea but my gut instinct/best guess is that it is too soon after ovulation for any difference in hormones, so probably not. Over 30 is a good start though.

waitingforarainbow Wed 26-Aug-15 19:51:03

Thank you Brenna24 - I hope I'm not out of the running this month! X

Rainy34 Wed 26-Aug-15 20:04:59

Hi waiting i have the same problem, i spot for up to five to seven days before Af has arrived, my day 21 results were 27 and they said that i probably ovulated, just had my day 21 tests done on monday , just waiting to see , i am sorry i have no idea on wether it means you could be pregnant, but il keep my fingers crossed for you

waitingforarainbow Thu 27-Aug-15 11:43:21

Thanks Rainy34 - keeping my fingers crossed for you too. Are you waiting on day 21 results for this month then? Keep me updated! x

Rainy34 Thu 27-Aug-15 21:34:12

Thank you ,
Yeah I am waiting for day 21 but was day 19 as my cycle can be 25 , prob won't get result back until I go to my fertility appointment , I am getting so fed up
With the constant spotting, it ranges now from red to brown and I get an almost ache on one side, the fertility specialist said it might not be anything to worry about but I just don't think it can be right and think that is why im struggling to get pregnant

waitingforarainbow Fri 28-Aug-15 09:26:30

Rainy34 - sorry to hear you've been having such problems with spotting. I sometimes get a couple of days of pink/brown spotting around 7/8DPO, and sometimes get a day or two of spotting before my period starts. It's been happening for about 15 months now. My old GP gave me an internal examination and sent me for a scan but couldn't see anything worrying. She said it was probably 'just one of those things' and that it shouldn't stop me getting pregnant. And she was right - I did get pregnant in January of this year. I had a MMC but nobody seems to think the two things are connected. I hope they're right!

Good luck with your fertility appointment. You might be able to get the results sooner if you phone up. My GP wanted me to book an appointment to discuss my results but I managed to get the surgery nurse to give me my progesterone result over the phone. x

waitingforarainbow Fri 28-Aug-15 15:30:51

Oh and Rainy34 if it's any comfort, I did SO much Googling about spotting before I got pregnant, and discovered that loads of people who spot go on to conceive and have healthy pregnancies. Many GPs believe that spotting is 'the norm' for some people and isn't indicative of a problem. So even though it's tempting to put two and two together when you're struggling to conceive, there's every chance that the two aren't related and that you will conceive soon - please don't give up hope.

Rainy34 Fri 28-Aug-15 20:56:24

Thankyou Rainbow, your words of support are much appreciated, every month when the spotting comes i count myself out, but i do always let myself have a glimmer of hope, hopefully it will happen for us both and go onto have healthy pregnancies,

what stage are you at now?, are you being referred to fertility yet?

KokoLoko Mon 31-Aug-15 17:02:37

Hi there,

I had day 21 bloods done back in January because we had been TTC for 11 months (managed to persuade the doctor to do them a month early). Due to my erratic cycle I had them done 7 days after a positive OPK, on CD61. My result was 36. 5 days later I got my BFP and due to previous pg issues saw my doctor to discuss. She asked why, given my cycles, I had poas when I did and I said it was because the test results had shown I'd ov'ed so it was worth a try grin She was a bit sniffy because the results were so low but agreed that as they were above 30 they did indicate ovulation had occurred.

I also had spotting for between 3 and 5 days before AF appeared but this is my 5th pg (hopefully 3rd DC) so I don't think that was a sign of anything.

Anyway, sorry for the long ramble but just saying that I had a similar result and got my BFP so fingers crossed you do too. Good luck!

waitingforarainbow Wed 02-Sep-15 09:29:15


So I got a BFP! Still in shock, to be honest. I tested on the morning of my 30th birthday so it was quite the birthday present! grin I'm 4 weeks 1 day today, so still very early days but I'm very happy!

Rainy34 - I hope this gives you some hope. I had quite a bit of spotting the last couple of months but still managed to conceive this month. Same with KokoLoko.

KokoLoko - thanks for your message. Was your Dr at all concerned that you had concieved with a 'low-ish' (although not really low) level of progesterone? Did you have to have any more bloods done or anything? I know anything over 30 is supposed to mean 'good' ovulation (capable of resulting in pregnancy) has taken place, but of course now I'm worrying myself by wondering whether my levels should be higher.



KokoLoko Wed 02-Sep-15 09:57:39

Wow! Congratulations rainbow

The doctor wasn't concerned at all except that due to previous issues I had to have a couple of extra early scans, which I didn't mind at all grin

I'm now 34+5 so all worked out fine for me.

Good luck for a h&h pregnancy smile

waitingforarainbow Wed 02-Sep-15 10:17:11

Thanks KokoLoko. It's good to hear your Dr wasn't concerned about the progesterone level. I was considering booking an appointment with my Dr to discuss any concerns but I'm sure she wouldn't be able to help or tell me much, and would just tell me to book a checking in appointment.

Hope the last few weeks fly by for you! smile


Rainy34 Wed 02-Sep-15 21:52:19

Oh congratulation rainbow , hoping you have an uneventful pregnancy , really pleased for you ,

koko good to hear you got pregnant too hope the next few weeks fly by for you

Rainy34 Wed 02-Sep-15 21:56:51

rainbow quick question, did you spot at all this month ? X

Brenna24 Wed 02-Sep-15 22:22:14

Congratulations Rainbow So pleased for you. I was 4+1 when I found out too. Come ond join us over in the May16 thread in the antenatal forum grin

waitingforarainbow Thu 03-Sep-15 14:32:31

Thank you, Rainy and Brenna! I will definitely come and join the May 16 thread. grin

Rainy - I didn't have any spotting this month, but I don't get it every month. The month I got my first BFP I had some spotting about a week after ovulation, so it doesn't rule you out. Lots of people still spot in their luteal phase before a BFP, and as my Dr pointed out, many people spot all through a pregnancy. She said some people are just prone to it and sometimes it's 'just one of those things'. I hope you get your BFP very soon! x

Rainy34 Thu 03-Sep-15 20:27:37

Thankyou Rainbow it gives me hope!!

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