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This is negative yes?

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susurration Sat 22-Aug-15 12:20:53

This is weird, never happened to me before. It is negative right?

IndomitabIe Sat 22-Aug-15 12:27:35

That's a really difficult picture to see. Are you referring to the line that seems to extend from the control line across the window?

It looks negative to me. Always best to double check in a few days though.

Rainuntilseptember15 Sat 22-Aug-15 12:30:40

Well what would a positive look like?

susurration Sat 22-Aug-15 12:35:16

Indomitable, yes the line stretching the length of the window. Rain, it should be two lines going across instead of a cross. You can see the instructions on the box under the test.

seastargirl Sat 22-Aug-15 13:10:42

Faulty test, so I'd do another one.

susurration Sat 22-Aug-15 18:23:13

Just fished it out of the bin, its definitely negative. Looks like the dye just leached. Never mind.

Thanks smile

gaggiagirl Sat 22-Aug-15 18:27:38

Very faulty test, I would let the manufacturer know. Good luck on the next one!

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