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Please help. 5 Days of positive OPK's LH surge. Have I ovulated or am I going to? TTC'ing. Heavy CM on 5th day. Confused. What do I do?

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coconutoil1 Fri 21-Aug-15 13:30:27

Dear Ladies (and Gents), Hope you are all well.
I am new to this forum and the TTC'ing.

I am 27 year old female from London TTC'ing for the 1st time. Me and my husband started to record OPK sticks for around 2 months now and have hit a confusing situation which I really need your help on.

We have been using 2 iPhone apps to record everything you need to for TTC. We are using 'Glow' and 'P tracker'.

According to the Apps we were meant to Ovulate on Monday (17/08/15). The OPK stick gave a Positive LH surge on Monday which was good news.

We had DTD (had intercourse) couple times the previous week and on Sunday.

Now through out the week so from Tuesday(18/08/15) till today (Friday 21/08/15) we hae been getting Positive LH on the OPK sticks every morning at 10am (on the second wee of the day. I have been checking my CM too. It did start off eggwhitish and ranged from eggwhite to cloudy everyday.

Today the OPK stick shows a darker control line then the testline. and I have heavy CM which is cloudy eggwhitish.

We are so confused. What is going on. We are desperate to be pregnant. from Sunday we have DTD (had intercourse) Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Thinking of DTD'ing tonight too as we are confused.

Intially we though, the surge lasts a couple days. the it hit 3 days and though, either egg could be released twice or trying to release again as it didnt first time. Now its the 5th day and we are confused, scared and nervous. What if it didnt release at all and we are ovulating today as control line is alot darekr and I have heavy CM.

I have attached images of our OPK sticks this wee. I know they have become faint over time.
Also attached an Image of today's OPK result.

Please please please, help. What could it be?
Have we not ovulated and its failed couple times? Whys has OPK been showing 5 days now? Why do I hae heavy clouldy eggwhitish CM on the 5th day.
Do we still carry on DTD'ing?

I appreciate all your time in reading my history and concerns. I hope you have the time to give me advice.


RoseBud2015 Fri 21-Aug-15 13:47:25

I would say that only today's looks like a true positive. The others are almost positive but they are all lighter than the control line, except today's!
So if I were you I would be DTD for 3 days starting today! Ov usually happens within 3 days of a positive result.

Good luck!

coconutoil1 Fri 21-Aug-15 14:18:45

just to mention as the other sticks are from during the week - they may have faded. but please, let the messages come through...

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