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All the symptoms but BFN at 9DPO with superdrug!!!

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Bunt Wed 19-Aug-15 09:22:34

We've been TTC for 8 months (35 & 27, 3 DC) doing everything by the book, but also not getting stressed about it - until the BFN's appear at least!

I'm 9DPO and for the past few days I've been weepy, had massive waves of nausea, cramps and lower back pain, utter exhaustion & bloating.

I don't normally get these symptoms before AF, apart from the day or two before when I get really irritable....

So, did a superdrug test this morning and BFN, not even the shadow of a line... Feel like crying sad , am I out?

Reebok Wed 19-Aug-15 09:33:21

I had 7 negatives including first response and clear blue and finally got a positive test at a week or so late. My daughter is now 2. You're not out until AF rears its ugly head! When are you due AF? I would wait until you're late and then test. I know it's hard. Get your oh to hide the tests!

Bunt Wed 19-Aug-15 11:35:02

Thanks, that makes me feel better grin

Bunt Wed 19-Aug-15 11:36:04

AF due in 5 days

MummyBex1985 Wed 19-Aug-15 15:15:54

If AF is due in five days then you tested too early. Even the most sensitive tests won't pick up until at least 4 days prior to AF and may not until the day AF is due.

So you're definitely not out yet!

Bunt Wed 19-Aug-15 18:06:26

Thanks smile

Hate this waiting game...

Bunt Sat 22-Aug-15 17:07:49

AF arrived... Never trusting my bodily symptoms again!!!

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