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Waiting to try, and cycle a mess from the pill

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AlexandraOrlov Wed 19-Aug-15 09:20:39

Just wondering if there are any other lurkers in the same boat as me, planning to TTC in December/January?

I came off the pill three months ago and have only had one pathetic AF in that time, so very glad I came off early but also pretty anxious at how messed up things are, 1st cycle was 39 days, this one is 40 and courting.

So who's with me? I can't be the only person on here who is actually hoping for AF!

Wellthen Wed 19-Aug-15 20:51:50

Yes! Only been off the mini pill for two weeks so fingers crossed for a normalish cycle this time but am v worried! Keep reading horror stories of women who's cycles took ages to get back to normal! Was on the combined pill before so, times when I've come off before for some reason always had a period straight away then just carried on as normal.

But, it doesn't mean you're not ovulating, apparently. Just wish it would bloody arrive so I can feel like we're actually ttc for real!

Sunnydays1788 Wed 19-Aug-15 21:21:52

Hi, I'm new around here too. Not TTC yet but Might start thinking about it next year. I came off the combined pill About 5 weeks ago because I know I'm in for a long wait for normal cycles! Iv been on the pill for about 13 years. Had one break about 7 years ago and it took 10 months to have a period... And then I went straight back on pill so who knows what my normal cycle is like! It also took my sister 10 months to have a period when she stopped the pill. so I thought I would come off the pill to give my body a chance to get back to normal before TTC. Having said that don't worry, most people's cycles settle much quicker after stopping pill. Good luck to those who are TTC xx

Wellthen Wed 19-Aug-15 22:23:38

Argh Sunny I hope you're right! I had very regular cycles as a teen and no unsettled symptoms while taking mini pill so I'm hoping that bodes well. How old are you Sunny?

Alexandra if you dont mind my asking, how come you're waiting until next year?

AlexandraOrlov Thu 20-Aug-15 00:40:45

Hello both!

wellthen fingers crossed for normality for you asap, hopefully the mini rather than combined pill maybe is a little less messed up (she says with no medical knowledge whatsoever!)

I'm waiting til end of the year because of a few things, DH is best man and me bridesmaid at our very best friends wedding in July and I wouldn't mind being pregnant but a newborn would be less than ideal, plus want to avoid an August baby as so many August b'days in our families, also just work stuff, tediously practical reasons.

sunny it sounds like we've both done the right thing by stopping taking the damn thing now, I can only imagine how distressing this cycle chaos would be if we were desperately TTC already. Do you have a plan of when you may start?

One thing I have done is start logging data in the Ovia app, it's strangely addictive and I'm hoping will make it clear if I am ovulating despite the super long cycles. We shall see!

Sunnydays1788 Thu 20-Aug-15 18:07:18

Wellthen: I'm 27 and got married this year so want to give it a year to enjoy married life before babies come along.

Alex: thing sometime next year. I stopped the pill in July so If last time I stopped the pill is anything to go by I won't start getting periods until April and even then they might be really irregular. Yeah I downloaded ovia too but there isn't much to track at the moment... I just keep putting "nothing" in everyday and watching my cycle days rack up!! Haha. Glad I'm not TTC otherwise I would go bonkers waiting for AF. I have started taking Angus castus as Iv heard it can regulate cycles.. We'll see!

AlexandraOrlov Sun 23-Aug-15 12:56:37

Snap sunny, I'm also 27 and coming up for 1 year anniversary, which seems to be the point at which people start asking when you're going to get on with it hmm - it's so inappropriate, as I'm not ttc I don't mind too much but what if we were desperately trying or just had a miscarriage or something. So rude!

AF has graced me with her presence today on day 42, if they don't get shorter I may try the Agnus castus - let me know how you get on with it. I'm taking the seven seas trying for a baby vitamins which allegedly hp to regulate your cycle but there doesn't seem to be anything special in them that you wouldn't get in a multivitamin. Oh well, at least I feel like I'm doing something, and the folic acid is there!

Wellthen Wed 26-Aug-15 22:19:10

Hi all, how are we?
I'm 27 too, how weird that we should all be the same age!
I hadn't heard of angus cactus before but sounds interesting, keep us posted.

I'm on the seven seas ttc vitamins as well (there was an offer on I think, only reason I chose those over any others) - I did a quick google after reading this thread and as with most things it seems to get mixed reviews! For some it really helped, for others it messed up cycles. There probably isn't any correlation to be honest!

Still waiting for af here but it has only been three weeks. Hoping it'll turn up at the end of next week as that would make it a 'proper' cycle length since I last took the pill.

Emzlou15 Thu 27-Aug-15 06:37:23

Hi hope you don't mind me jumping in here.
I'm 22 and married 3 months but we've just started TTC. I came off the pill on the 23rd July and had a Withdrawl bleed. I'm now 29 days since that and waiting for AF. Haven't seen any signs of ovulation taken OPK's at different times throughout the month and all negative. I'm desperately wanting AF to just have that reassurance my bodies working!!

Sunnydays1788 Thu 27-Aug-15 07:51:57

Alex, glad AF has graced you with her presence, even if it is a bit late.

Wellthen, I'm not taking any TTC vitamins as not TTC yet but I will get on them about 3 months before we start thinking about it. Let me know if you think they make a difference to cycles.

Hi emz, welcome. I hope everything settles into normal cycles for you.

I'm currently on cycle day 43 and no signs of anything at all! No cx mucus, no AF etc. but I'm not surprised as I said before last time is stopped pill it was 10 months which is a 300 day cycle!! Looks even worse when written in days... Only 257 days to go! Lol confused

chillthefXXkout Thu 27-Aug-15 14:46:12

I came off the pill 5 months ago and have had 3 cycles of 41 days, 54 days and 38 definitely takes a while for things to sort themselves out. I wish I had come off sooner!

Good luck everyone!

harrietm87 Thu 27-Aug-15 17:21:34

Hi there, can I join?
I'm a lurker too, planning to start TTC in the new year. I would love to start now tbh but we're waiting for a few reasons - saving up, remortgaging in June and want to do that before baby, plus I'd like to get married before then and my bf needs a little encouragement!
I'm 28.

For those worried about the pill, I was on it for 8 years and when I came off it 18 months ago my cycles went back to normal after 2 months. I have the non-hormonal coil now which is great because I can just forget about it and it doesn't mess up my hormones.

Are you guys finding it hard to wait?? I am so broody!

Wellthen Thu 27-Aug-15 18:50:57

Well, after posting hoping it would turn up next week, AF has turned up today. I think that's why it was on my mind as I was feeling a bit crampy. But that doesn't mean I'm 'back' of course as that's the withdrawal bleed, my next cycle could be weird. This 'cycle' would be 22 days if I counted from when I stopped the pill.

Harriet yes absolutely! Have wanted to try for a long time now and have been in the position to try for about two years so feel like I have been doing a lot of waiting around! I have to keep reminding myself that a couple of months will make no difference a few years down the line. Do you want to marry before the new year? Sorry may have read your post wrong.

Emzlou15 Fri 28-Aug-15 06:45:50

I found it too hard to wait and that's why I came off and we started trying straight away. I do wish now that I had waited for at least one AF because I just dont know where I am at all in my cycle. I'm day 30 now but could I still ovulate in a week? I guess it's wanting to know your body is working how it's 'supposed to'. I don't know that I could cope with 10 months Sunnydays I'm just far too broody lol

hollienivy Fri 28-Aug-15 07:03:57

hi ladies can I jump onto this thread grin were waiting til the new year so we booked a nice diving holiday for them, figuring it'll be the last chance for many years, also got a bridesmaid dress to fit into exactly 9 months from now! I'm so broody it hurts though!! keep wishing we could have a happy early 'accident'! in the meantime I'm waiting to see a consultant about possibly having PCOS because if lots of irr bleeding x

Sunnydays1788 Fri 28-Aug-15 07:47:08

Hi chill, Harriet and Hollie.

Yeah Harriet and emz, Some days I feel so super broody and wish my cycles would sort them selves out so we can try sooner. And then some times on my day off (when hubby is at work) I sneakily get into bed in the middle of the day and watch Netflix or have a big night out with my friend and think 'nah I'm not ready for babies'. Haha, any one else have those moments? I'm sure it's all hormonal!

Hollie the diving holiday sounds like a great idea to do before getting pregnant, we are off to Bali in October and hope to do some more diving. I do think about happy accidents too.. Would be quite nice to have an accident rather than stress about trying. We are using condoms now off pill But I think I might do a pregnancy test once a month til my periods do come back, just in case... Don't want to be one of those people who goes to the midwife and could be months pregnant without knowing.

Let us know how you get on with the pcos tests Hollie, I'm a bit worried cod iv read taking more than 6 months AF after pill canbe a sign.. Will prob go to go after 6 months.

Sunnydays1788 Fri 28-Aug-15 07:48:17

Glad AF has turned up wellthen.. Hopefully it will all settle nicely into routine for you. X

AlexandraOrlov Fri 28-Aug-15 10:20:30

Hello all!

sunny apparently certain B vitamins help to regulate cycles, or rather deficiencies in them can exacerbate problems so it may be worth taking some cheap general multivitamins even in advance of ttc. I also massively fluctuate between very ready and not quite there yet. I think that's normal! I'm quite glad that the practical reasons we arent yet ttc are set in stone otherwise we'd probably be dithering over when to get started.

How funny, I also have a scuba holiday planned in October! Been looking forward to it for ages and have no intention of not being able to enjoy myself. A last holiday of boozing and seafood and diving for a while, hopefully!

wellthen that sounds encouraging! Are you using an app or something to start tracking? I'm obsessed with mine, even though there's barely anything to report I fill in every bad mood, tummy upset and ache or pain hmm possibly overkill...

harrietm87 Fri 28-Aug-15 14:30:31

Hi all
wellthen not necessarily get married before the new year, just before any future baby is born. It's funny because neither of us are/were really bothered about marriage - we're not religious and have been together for 6 years and have a flat together and planning to spend the rest of our lives together etc etc. But since we started planning when to TTC I've suddenly felt like I want our future baby to have married parents. My bf doesn't think it's necessary, though part of that is because he doesn't want a big blow-out wedding. I think maybe if I got pregnant we might just go to the registry office or something.

alexandra I am obsessed with using ovia! I track everything, even though my cycles are regular and we're not going to try for ages. Guess it just makes me feel like I'm doing something positive towards it.

Also jealous of people's exotic holidays - such a good idea because I guess you won't get the chance for a while after having kids! I also wish I could have a happy accident though...maybe should just take the plunge a bit sooner!

allyd84 Fri 28-Aug-15 14:55:58


hope you don�t mind me joining, having a really rubbish day and need a rant sad Came off pill 10th April and after withdrawal no AF! now at 150 days +. Having crazy hormones, feel sad and anxious, put on 6lBs, covered in huge spots and really sweaty, urggh! and now have huge ithcy ugly rash under both armpits, hydrocortisone not working (and this can apparently effect hormones to so don�t know if I should be using it), feel really low and disgusting, not conducive to DTD.
Had blood tests on the 13th and normal accept apparently LH higher than FSH, although they said this could mean nothing as bloods where at random. Had more blood tests Monday for testosterone and STD's although I told Dr I had all clear on STD test 7 years ago prior to meeting partner, still can�t help worrying about results sad What if it�s something I did when I was young causing all these problems! Have also been sent for a pelvic exam but waits at the hospital are long.......
Also everyone I know, literally, is pregnant or just had a baby!
Know i shouldn�t be drinking but tonight just want to crawl into a vat of wine whilst eating chocolate cake. Do you think I�ll be terrible if do. Hard to be good when nothing I do makes any difference.
Sorry for the moan 

hollienivy Fri 28-Aug-15 15:25:37

it's so nice to have others in the same boat Of WTT and Yep deffo getting the ovia app obsession! wink Im seeing the consultant about the PCOS next week lets see what they say eh? it's difficult to know that we might encounter problems next year but I guess we won't know until we try hey?
that's so cool there's a some divers here :-) totally feeling one last holiday of boozing and diving and seafood and lots of Dtd wink Bali is a great place to dive we did our qualification there, I'm so jel! I'd recommend the Gili Islands in particular.
ally, hope you get the results you want and GP gets to the bottom of your problem, nah it's weekend totally treat yourself xx

Sunnydays1788 Fri 28-Aug-15 18:12:24

Hi alld, sorry you are having such a rubbish time. I don't know if you read my earlier post but last time I came off pill it took 10 months to have a period.. But it did come back. And I know of 3 other people who took exactly the same amount of time and two of them had babies no trouble (the other has never tried).. My gp just said it was normal for some people. I wasn't trying then so it didn't stress me out.. And I'm sure I will be a bit more on edge of it does the same this time (il give it 6 months then go to go) but try not to worry and just wait for you blood results.. And eat as much choc and wine as you like!!

Hollienivy.. Yeah last time we were in Bali we snorkelled on the gillis and that was great but I didn't dive at the time. Learnt to dive in Thailand. And the Philippines was amazing! Where you off to? X

Wellthen Sat 29-Aug-15 08:50:39

Alexandra no not tracking yet. I'm not intending to at the moment as we're tryin to have a fairly relaxed approach and also because previous to pill (a long time ago) my cycles were always pretty regular. I will admit to succumbing to 'monitoring' cervical mucous! Who knew it would be so interesting! However my dh is working elsewhere in the uk at the moment so if we're not pregnant after a few months we might take a more scientific approach to increase our chances of conceiving when he's here.

Ally if you've had a clear std test before you met your partner then I'm sure you're fine - you certainly mustn't blame yourself whatever happens! And yes, a bit of wine is a great idea! You'd really have to drink a lot to cause a problem - a couple of glasses when you need it is nothing to word about when you don't even know if you're pregnant.

Hollie would WTT be waiting to try? God what a horrible acronym lol! I've hated waiting so I really feel for those of you wanting to try and having cycle difficulties.

Another diver here too! We dived (dove?) on our honeymoon and deliberately didn't try until after so we could have a 'final' adult holiday. So glad we did as its something we can come back to in a couple of years.

Sunshinegirl2015 Sat 29-Aug-15 09:16:12

I came off the microgynon30 at new year after approx ten years on it with no break.

I had the usual bleed and then didn't have a proper period for 42 days but since then my periods have been pretty regular around every 32days.

Since I came off the pill I've taken pregnacare conception tablets everyday.

My sister on the other hand came off the pill not for ttc but has had one day of bleeding in three months. Guess it affects us all differently.

I would recommend tracking cycles in an app. Good luck everyone x

glitterpoppy Sat 29-Aug-15 16:11:12

I feel so relieved reading some of these messages.. I apologise I don't know a lot of the abbreviations I'm new to all this.

My first cycle length after coming off the pill was 47 days, I then came off my last period on the 8th June and no sign of my next one. Starting to feel really concerned and fed up about it, for the past week I've had an awful stomach ache at odd times so thought it was happening but nothings happened. Grr!

I've also just started taking Angus castus and hoping that will help regularise my cycles!

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