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20 and TTC for over a year now?

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Bedtimeformee Tue 18-Aug-15 15:48:35

Hi ladies,

I'm only 20 but I've been TTC for just over a year now, onto cycle #13 if I haven't conceived this cycle.

I'd like to join a forum but they seem to all be for over 30's/40's. Which is a shame because I've been trying for a considerable amount of time now.

Tried Netmums, deleted it and all their wishy washy nonsense. Oh, and you're not allowed to bloody swear (but poor grammar apparently is okay).

Emilygremily Tue 18-Aug-15 16:27:09

Hello Bedtime,

I am only 21 having been TTC for 2 cycles now, you are more than welcome here smile

Have you been to see the doctor yet as that is quite a long time to of been trying for.

Bedtimeformee Tue 18-Aug-15 16:29:55

Hi Emily, which post are you based?

I have and everything appears perfectly normal with me, however, DP refuses to go hmm

Might I add he has a super low sex drive (mere)

Emilygremily Tue 18-Aug-15 16:32:02

I am on the temperatures rising bus and the new back to BFP school bus smile

Well my cycle is messed up this month sad i was due on 6,7,8,9 days ago not sure anymore lost count thought i had a BFP but i can't see it anymore and i also can't hold my wee for more than an hour even at night sad

Bedtimeformee Tue 18-Aug-15 16:36:35

Might it be an eptiopic?

Or, sorry to even suggest it, but could it perhaps be an evaporation line your saw? I'm sure it wasn't though if you're confused otherwise.

The frequent urination sounds like pregnancy association, however I'm no doctor!

Bedtimeformee Tue 18-Aug-15 16:37:06

Which one of those forums are you most active on? ☺️

Emilygremily Tue 18-Aug-15 16:38:46

I have no idea anymore i have stopped testing because i ran out of tests to stop getting myself disappointed i am due to go on holiday next monday for 2 weeks so i may just relax on holiday and not take any with me.

Bedtimeformee Tue 18-Aug-15 16:40:30

You've got some will power then! I couldn't possible relax confused

Emilygremily Tue 18-Aug-15 16:53:52

It wont make a difference to the holiday as i don't actually drink, i may sneak a couple into my bag just in ;)

Bedtimeformee Tue 18-Aug-15 16:59:58

Em, I don't really drink either wink

That's more to do with me making a fool of myself when I DO drink... I can't handle my drink confused

Emilygremily Tue 18-Aug-15 17:04:26

Hahaha I just don't enjoy drinking that much i never have sad i really hope i get my BFP this month :D but i am feeling a little disheartened by it all now i am not sure if i am using the correct PG test or what sad

Bedtimeformee Tue 18-Aug-15 17:12:25

Just as a fleeting thought, I've heard pink dye tests are better and that blue dye test are far more commonly responsible for false negatives! confused

Emilygremily Tue 18-Aug-15 17:14:22

Yes i may need to go and purchase some soon smile will wait and see for now :D

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