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One possive 3 negatives.

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Fovvers90 Tue 18-Aug-15 08:00:01

Please help. Ive been trying for my 3rd child. Iam not due a period untill 2 weeks. I did a cheap asda test yesterday morning. Was not my first urine but my second but i had not had a drink. I got a positive.. faded line same as i had with my first pregnancy.. got a clear blue did that a few hours later. Said no pregnant. Done another cheap one this morning with first urine that says not pregnant. I cant get the first test out of my head. Too eager to know....

waitingforarainbow Tue 18-Aug-15 10:07:49

Hi Fovvers90. If your period isn't due for two weeks then presumably you have only just ovulated and therefore you wouldn't be able to get a positive on a pregnancy test for at least 10 days or so. Maybe it was an evaporation line?

Fovvers90 Tue 18-Aug-15 12:27:24

Thank you. As you can probably tell iam new to this. The line appeared with in 2 minutes so i wasnt too sure. I am unure when my period is due but generally end of the month so could be 1 weeks or 2 weeks. Iam uncertain. More than likley not pregnant then ��

waitingforarainbow Wed 19-Aug-15 10:24:29

If your period is due in the next few days it could have been a positive. I would wait a week and test again if your period hasn't come.

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