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Agnus Castus success stories?

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littlek86 Sun 16-Aug-15 18:45:30


Does anyone have any thoughts/comments/success using this for TTC including dosage?

I have some from Holland and Barrett that is 4mg recommending 1 tablet per day.


KokoLoko Mon 17-Aug-15 13:25:33

Hi there,

My cycles vary madly, from 32 to 62 days long, but when I had 32 day cycles it was when I was taking AC. I used OPKs (luckily cheapies from Amazon or I would have bankrupted myself) and stopped taking the AC when they detected my surge. Having said that, The cycle I conceived I wasn't taking it because we went on holiday and I didn't want to in case I ov'ed and something happened. That cycle I ov'ed on CD54, and got my BFP on CD66. I was waiting for AF to arrive so that I could start taking AC again to go back to shorter cycles.

I took 2 tablets per day, 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I'll have to check what dosage they were later as I can't remember.

Good luck TTC.

littlek86 Mon 17-Aug-15 14:10:56

Thanks for the comment. I am going to speak to a nutritionist about it as I don't have an issue with long erratic cycles, just wondered if its worth giving a go anyway. Friends of mine have used it successfully just as a fertility booster from what they say but don't want to mess with my cycle unnecessarily.

Thanks x

tearsofrobertsmith Mon 17-Aug-15 14:17:50

They shortened my mad 100 odd day cycles down to approx 30 ish within 3 months and I conceived about 8 months later I think from starting to take them. The consensus seems to be they are good for shortening cycles but can wreak havoc on an otherwise normal cycle. I don't know if they are good as a fertility booster but certainly worked wonders for my long cycle. Approach with caution, they like many herbal remedies are very potent. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

Mrsbadger77 Mon 17-Aug-15 16:40:30

I wasted a lot of time and money taking Angus castus and other such pills. They did absolutely nothing for my short LP though if you google there are lots of people who swear by it.

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