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TWW Symptoms

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gemmagrace Tue 11-Aug-15 10:55:47

I just want to pick the brains of some of you lovely ladies out there.

I am currently 11DPO and on Saturday (8DPO) I had some very clear stabby pains in my left side.

Yesterday I was so emotional I didn't know whether to cry or kill someone!! Worse than I have ever felt hormonally before. However I did do a test and it was BFN (got not willpower to wait).

Last night I DTD with my partner and I started bleeding, thinking the dreaded AF was coming I went to the loo but it was more like pink discharge followed this morning by brown spotting (TMI sorry)

Today I am cramping quite a lot like I am due the AF.

I know it could still be AF rearing it's ugly head but has anyone else had symptoms like this before getting a BFP.

Also has anyone else done a test 10DPO and got a BPN but gone on to get a BFP days later?

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