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First post here - TTC #1 - advice and reassurance needed

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Katilo2 Sun 09-Aug-15 16:00:35


My husband and I have said we will TTC at the end of September (he's eager to get a bit of cash in the bank since we have both just started new jobs following a long, long stint at Uni) we are both in our later 20's and have been together 9 years (married for 1.5). Despite our plan, I have ovulated today and in the previous week, we have had unprotected sex 4times, once yesterday, and then 3, 5 and 7 days pre-ovulation. I'm so wanting to be pregnant. Because it's never happened accidentally during our 9 years, I have irrational thoughts re: my (or his) fertility. Today will be the start of a tww. Just want reassurance and thoughts from anyone re: likelihood of pregnancy, and fertility. I haven't been on contraceptives for years, we use the pull-out method. Anyone else get pregnant first month ttc? Do you think I have a chance this month?

Thanks for reading. Any thoughts most welcome!

K x

Oysterbabe Sun 09-Aug-15 16:04:22

You definitely have a chance. I think I read most pregnancies occur from sex the day before ovulation. But don't be disappointed if you're not. 9 months is the average amount of time it takes.
I'm 34, was on hormone contraception for 18 years and it took me 5 months.

Katilo2 Sun 09-Aug-15 16:12:10

Thanks, Oysterbabe. Husband is now kinda adamant that we should wait until the end of sept. So it's now or October for me. I know it's soon anyways but I want this so much, he's only just getting to the 'ready' stage, I've been there for maybe 6years so October seems ages away! I bought some 10iu cheapy tests from amazon, the reviews show that some women get bfp's ages before their missed AF. When do you think it's realistic to test? AF is due 22/08/2015 according to period tracker..

Thanks again and congratulations to you

K x

Oysterbabe Sun 09-Aug-15 17:27:28


I think 10DPO onwards is not unreasonable to test but it'll be better to wait until at least 12DPO to give you a better chance of an accurate result. I waited until 14 DPO but that's just because after a couple of months I started to really, really hate seeing a bfn so waited until AF was a day late.

Why doesn't he want to try in September? What difference will a month make? He knows it's going to take 9 months to grow the thing right? And that it'll probably take a few months at least to conceive? Plenty of time to get used to the idea smile

Katilo2 Sun 09-Aug-15 17:55:25

Ah thanks for the advice. I'll see how long I can hold out for..! I'm gonna try my best not to get too caught up in it all, and will see if I can wait till AF is due to test .. I'm realistically not holding out too much hope of a bfp this month, but the arrival of AF will probably reduce me to tears!

I've tried all angles to get him to start earlier but he ain't budging. I see what he means, he wants to feel financially stable, that will be end of sept. if we continue as we are, so my first fertile time after then is beginning of October. I'm hoping so so much for a bfp this month so it doesn't come to that! smile


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