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TTC no 2 after falling pregnant post HSG with first....

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GreyBird84 Sat 08-Aug-15 09:10:42


I'm new to the board. DS is a year & as I am down to 2 BF a day my periods have now returned so we have decided to TTC no 2.

However we had been trying to TTC for 2 years for no 1 when we were referred to fertility clinic. Had bloods, ovary scan & HSG (the most horrendous thing I have ever been through, everything went wrong). The HSG didn't show any problems but it certainly did the trick as I fell pregnant my next cycle. We were so delighted, especially as amongst it all I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer. I actually had my operation when I was in early stages of pregnancy, I just didn't know!

But I just know TTC no 2 is not going to be plain sailing. Apparently I don't have PCOS itself but the syndrome ie no cysts? Irregular cycles, acne, weight issues.

Trying to lose weight, eat well, exercise plenty etc. Am back to work so time is limited.

So I guess I am wondering if anyone has any stories to tell about TTC no 2 after falling pregnant after HSG with their first? I think the effects last around 6 months.
I read so much about secondary fertility & given our past experiences we are bracing ourselves for another rollercoaster journey.

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