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Domperidone - when does fertility return after?

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ohsooootired Sat 08-Aug-15 07:32:06


I took domperidone for c. 2 months for gastric issues. Then all of a sudden my periods got loads further apart (5 & 6wks) - having been lifelong regular.

Went into major panic about being in menopause (am 41) - until I twigged this might be the domperidone & Googled to discover it was fairly common.

Was planning to start ttc for a 2nd child just as soon as medical investigations confirm nothing sinister wrong with stomach. (time is clearly of essence at my age)

But been off domp for 3wk now &BBT shows I'm anovulatory. GP says the drug does not hang around in the system, so it must be my hormones still messed up. I know that BBT used to show v clear shift for me when ttc ds1 (who came v easily aged nearly 38)

Anyone been through similar and able to advise how long it took for fertility to normalise? - Am thinking about getting ovarian reserve tested (worried about age) but concerned the results may be misleading if my hormones are temporarily out of kilter from the domp.

Lots of posts on domp, but all for people using it for milk supply, rather than gastric issues - which is a bit different as they could be not ovulating simply due to continued bf.

Any experiences? / Suggestions? - Thinking maybe acupuncture to get hormones back functioning?


Ridingthegravytrain Sat 08-Aug-15 07:55:20

I was on this all through my first pregnancy (10 mg 3x a day) and I got pregnant 8 months after my first was born. Though I was breast feeding and never got a period before I got pregnant so I can't say exactly when it stopped affecting me, if at all

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