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Am I normal

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JDol Fri 07-Aug-15 21:29:45

Hi all. Sorry I don't know all the abbreviations.
The husband and I are TTC (I know that one!). I've just started my period today after month 3 :-(
I've started to think that maybe I'm not entirely normal... down there. Don't get me wrong, i've never had any pain or problems, or erm, complaints. BUT there's definitely something odd. When I put a tampon in, it goes up about an inch but then shoots off to the right. Like an almost completely right angle. Weird right? I've had smear tests and no one has ever called me crooked, so hopefully its normal and there's lots of other 'curvy' ladies out there?
We're TTC our first and I always thought it would happen instantly, so maybe I'm making up problems that aren't there!

Oysterbabe Fri 07-Aug-15 21:40:12

I assume your husband's penis doesn't bend at a right angle when you're having sex? I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. smile

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