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Newbie, TTC, strange symptoms = little freaked out.

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Zoefitness Thu 06-Aug-15 11:39:48

Hi guys, this is my first ever post so apologies if I am repeating anything!

I am 6 days past ovulation and af is due on the 10th. Yesterday I noticed whilst peeing (tmi! sorry) very light pink stains on the tissue. Could this be implantation bleeding, or am I being too hopeful!

I have since visited the doctors and she has told me that it is not a urine infection and that it is too early to test for pregnancy. She also mentioned that she will send the sample off for further investigation, leaving me slightly worried!

Any advice would be helpful as I'm a bit of a nervous wreck atm. This is my first time trying so I have no idea what implantation bleeding is or what it looks like! Obviously concerned also that it may be something more serious =s.

Thank you in advance.

5hell Thu 06-Aug-15 13:10:27

Hi zoe,
this ttc malarkey is enough to make us crazy isn't it?! grin

it could be implantation bleeding, or it could be nothing (i'm sure it's nothing serious). there doesn't seem to be much info out there on what % of women notice implantation bleeding, but i think it's probably quite small.

have you chnaged anything recently (e.g. hormonal birth control)? As that could maybe lead to some unexpected spottign as your body adjusts.

not long until the 10th, so you could test on sun/mon if you've got a feeling ;)

you could join in on one of the ttc boards where you'll find lots of support and like-minded ladies - i like the JS crew smile

Zoefitness Thu 06-Aug-15 13:57:28

Aw thanks for your support 5hell. Yes, I didn't think that it would make me this crazy so early on!!

Monday feels waaay to far away right now! I will join one of the threads, thank you again.

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