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Strength of HCG - symptoms VS BFN

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dcmw Thu 06-Aug-15 09:14:27

Hi all
I'm not normally a "symptom spotter" and am generally quite logical about TTC (e.g. I don't overthink every cramp/sore nipple) but just need a bit of advice..

Since Monday I have had a metallic taste and been feeling badly nauseous throughout each day, which is very unusual for me. I also have had big, sore boobs (not as unusual - they always become quite swollen straight after ovulation but not normally for this long), headaches, sensitive to smells, nosebleeds, sneezing - again all unusual.

Also when I woke up yesterday, my left tube where I had my ectopic was painful but I haven't felt anything there since (tbf this happens a couple of times a month symptoms or not so it could be completely unrelated).

I know these are all classic pregnancy symptoms so I have taken a couple of tests including a First Response first thing this morning, but nothing! All negative.

I'm aware that it is early (AF due Sat/Sun) but if I am having quite pronounced symptoms then one would expect that the hormone is strong enough to show on a test? and if not then it's more likely that I am not pregnant?

Can anyone shed any light on symptoms VS BFN - what is the likely-hood that someone could experience symptoms but test negatively?

Reebok Thu 06-Aug-15 22:39:24

With my second pregnancy I had every symptom in the book...nausea, dizziness, sore boobs, metal mouth, could smell things from a mile Away, grumpy, peeing like mad, trapped wind, hungry...I tested negative until I was a week late...but I was definitely pregnant. My LO is two and a currently sleeping near me. The crazy thing is my hormones were sky high with that pregnancy and I had hyperemesis so I was really sick. With my first and third pregnancies, I tested positive straight away, had very few symptoms but mc with both pregnancies. With these two pregnancies my hcg levels were low. Still don't understand why I tested positive early on with my mc but negative with my only successful pregnancy.

dcmw Fri 07-Aug-15 10:04:12

Thanks for your help, Reebok! That clarifies things, I'm still having symptoms now so will test on Sunday or Monday if AF not arrived yet! I guess it's better to listen to your body rather than the tests sometimes.

Reebok Fri 07-Aug-15 10:16:18

You're welcome. Hope you get the result you want!

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