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Well.. I'm flummoxed. Can anybody help a girl out?!

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ibelieveinmagic Wed 05-Aug-15 07:49:27

Long time lurker, first time poster and this is going to be looooong! smile

First a bit of background - Have been TTC for 16 months had BFP in January after spotting and MASSIVE temp drop which then shot back up. Saw heartbeat at 7 weeks (scan at EPU due to continued spotting) but then lost the baby at 8 weeks.

Have been trying ever since and had no luck. As it took a while (10 months) to get my first BFP I did expect that and we have been to the doctors who has started the fertility clinic referral ball rolling.

I am supposed to be going for my blood tests tomorrow and AF was supposed to be here yesterday, have had a regular 28 day cycle for quite a few months now. I have spotting EVERY single month and this month was no different. Started on 9dpo (I temp so am pretty certain on ov date) so I knew that she was on her way. Massive temp drop on Tuesday and have been cramping since Saturday however, she hasn't shown her ugly mug. Done a test this morning just so I could stop googling "temp drop and spotting but still BFP" and having any hope and it was, of course, BFN. Temp drop a little more today but still above the coverline, but I don't think the coverline means anything anyway really does it?

I am just so confused as to what is going on. The one month when I want my AF to come so that I can get these blood tests and get my referral and she has gone AWOL. I am still spotting but it's just not ramping up. I normally get the temp drop on the day of AF, my temp seems to stay up right until the bitter end despite the spotting.

Could it be that I am so wound up that my AF is late? Is it not usually ovulation that is delayed by stress rather than AF? hmm

Has anyone ever had this or can shed any light on it?

Thank you and congratulations if you have made it this far, I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me out with some theories.

LadyOrangutan Wed 05-Aug-15 07:59:28

I haven't had this personally, but in my (non-medical trained) opinion, I wouldn't be surprised if anxiety and stress about getting your tests done would contribute to AF being delayed.

ibelieveinmagic Wed 05-Aug-15 08:01:48

Thanks LadyOrangutan

Typical isn't it? I am more stressed than this every month desperately hoping for a BFP but the one month I don't mind AF coming it doesn't come!

LadyOrangutan Wed 05-Aug-15 08:06:14

So typical! It's because you want it!!

Fingers crossed it arrives soon and you can get going on your fertility journey (good luck btw!)

somersetsinger Wed 05-Aug-15 11:40:45

Hi ibelieveinmagic,

Your story is almost identical to mine. Had a bfp in Oct after trying for 10 months, followed by the same scan and miscarriage experience.

Anything and everything can and does affect my AF - stress, hectic month of work, not drinking enough water. I have the spotting before AF followed by temp drop too. You won't want to hear this, but it sounds like AF is coming and just taking her sweet time about it.

The blood tests can be done on any of the first few days of your period, so don't panic. Phone the docs and see what they say about tomorrow's appointment. They should let you phone up on cd1 to book for the next day (I had to do this, because I couldn't accurately predict AF). If necessary, be a bit pushy about why you need to do this.

Then relax, knowing that you are doing everything you blimin' well can. Hope the blood tests and referral help you to get answers.

If you start spotting on 9dpo, have you got a shortish luteal phase? (This might just be me reading too much into the other similarities between us.)

ibelieveinmagic Wed 05-Aug-15 12:00:12

Hi somersetsinger

Thanks for taking the time to write that!

Wow, we do have identical stories! Sorry to hear about your mc, seems even more cruel after seeing a lovely heartbeat doesn't it? flowers

I just can't believe after being so stressed for all these months and getting af like clockwork the month I don't mind it coming it's late!

I know it's ridiculous but I just feel so frustrated that I will have to push my blood test back. It will only be days but this will make my referral a bit later and I really am sick of waiting. My doctors are frankly crap with appointments. I can't ring up for the next day and they are not concerned at all about them needing to be done on specific days. Honestly they are like demon gatekeepers!

Luteal phase seems to be fine actually (13 days) although af is always extremely light so with that and the excessive spotting I am thinking I might have a progesterone issue but this is obviously extremely unimportant to my GP. Just desperate to get to the Specialists!!

Emu123 Wed 05-Aug-15 12:27:26

Hi there.... Just wanted to put my 10 cents in for what it's worth. I have done a bit of research on this and apparently ovulation can be delayed through stress etc but the second half of the cycle is pretty much fixed give or take a day or two so if AF is delayed it's because ovulation being delayed. Did you ovulate on your normal day?

ibelieveinmagic Wed 05-Aug-15 12:36:43

Hi Emu

Cheers, i'm grateful for your 10 cents!

I did think that about the ovulation thing, i'm sure I have heard that before.

Yep ovulated as normal, used OPKs and confirmed clearly on my chart with a good temp rise.

I don't know what the heck is going on. I'm sure i'm not preggers and I don't want to be to be honest. With the spotting and temp drop it would be too similar to my last pregnancy which was horribly stressful and obviously didn't end well!

I am taking a massive cocktail of supplements so perhaps it could be something there delaying it.

Emu123 Wed 05-Aug-15 13:29:26

How many days post ovulation are you? It could well be the supplements lengthening your cycle as mine did the same after I started taking pre natal ones. Was v annoying to start with as got my hopes up! I am sure she will turn up soon - especially if you've had a temp dip. Hugs for you though - so frustrating!

ibelieveinmagic Wed 05-Aug-15 13:34:04

15 dpo today, AF was due yesterday so not massively late but still angry

I haven't taken anything new this month although I have swapped from Agnus Castus tablets to tincture, maybe that's it and it's actually doing something?!

Thanks for piping up, it's nice to know i'm not alone.

ibelieveinmagic Thu 06-Aug-15 09:35:14

Just to update... AF arrived last night! Hurrah!

So i'm all good for my blood tests today and getting that referral off!

Thanks to all who commented and helped me out flowers

somersetsinger Thu 06-Aug-15 09:42:14

Hurrah, hurrah!

Best of luck for a gentle nurse who finds the vein easily! Thanks for your kind words yesterday.

On the AF front, mine are also very light. My current hypothesis is that it's a progesterone thing, so would be very interested to know what happens next for you.

Emu123 Thu 06-Aug-15 09:44:55

Good news!!

ibelieveinmagic Thu 06-Aug-15 09:48:51

I'll come back and keep you updated as I go along the process so you can see what happens if you'd like. I always find renewed hope when there is someone in a similar situation to me, makes you feel less alone.

Thanks again ladies smile

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