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Confused by this pregnancy test. Is it positive?

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KatieBell01 Tue 04-Aug-15 21:34:00

We have been TTC but only for the last six weeks or so. I used OPKs and we had sex the day before the positive OPK.

Then on CD28 I started my period. I usually have a longer cycle, about 35 days, but irregular.

My period only lasted 4 days and seemed normal enough.

Today is CD7 (if that was a normal period), I've been feeling a bit achy today, as if I'm due on, and also have quite a lot of CM, I thought I may have started another period again today.

I did an OPK and also (just because I have a stock of them) an internet cheaply pregnancy test. This is the result. It's faint but visible and came up within the first couple of minutes.

So I did another pregnancy text straight after, with the same urine, which came up negative/very faint shadow.

So realistically, I can't be pregnant after having a period can I? If I was, both tests would be 'positive'?

Faulty test or evap line?

alphabook Tue 04-Aug-15 21:48:15

ICs can be quite temperamental, I would test with a "proper" test to be sure.

shannonb94x Wed 05-Aug-15 08:09:12

Do another test & see what it says :-)

BabyBumpHopeful Thu 06-Aug-15 03:36:47

Yes it's possible to be pregnant after a "period". It's called break through bleeding and not an actual period. This is why I take a test after a "period", just to be sure.

Take a FRER smile

toastyarmadillo Thu 06-Aug-15 04:49:04

I would call it probably positive, having used those style previously the second line is normally clear if it faintly shows up, I have never seen any pink in my negatives. Definately worth a recheck over the next few days.

Also break through and implantation bleeding can be surprisingly common, having a period does not confirm an absence of pregnancy xxx

sebsmummy1 Thu 06-Aug-15 05:14:34

I would say that's a negative test in my experience with ICs

Hurr1cane Thu 06-Aug-15 08:09:27

I was pregnant after having a normal period. I was in pain and didn't know why and everyone kept asking if I could be pregnant. I kept saying no. Took a test anyway just because other people here/ doctors got me paranoid and I was in fact pregnant and it was ectopic. So you can be.

KatieBell01 Thu 06-Aug-15 09:05:19

I've done a few more and they've all been negative (all internet cheapies), I've been doing OPKs too (CD9) and they should be getting darker but they are barely there, I wonder if I've got a dodgy batch or something.

sebsmummy1 Thu 06-Aug-15 09:11:52

Katie re. the opks whilst they can get darker as you get closer to OV with most people they just suddenly darken and you see the positive test.

My advice (I am very long in the tooth at this) would be to forget the internet cheapies and get something like the clearblue sticks that you can use with FMU and give you a smiley face right before OV. They aren't cheap but they are very good for giving you an idea about when you ovulate. Use them for a few months and chart your cycles then if you are regular and are ovulating around the same time each month just forget the sticks altogether and have plenty of sex in your fertile window.

This approach has been much more effective for me than trying to time sex perfectly.

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