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Newbie looking for advice

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loveyellie Tue 04-Aug-15 14:46:38

Hey ladies,

so im a total newbie around here and im just looking for some advice. Im having my coil taken out tomorrow hmm and me and hubby are looking at ttc once iv had it out and everything has settled down, in the mean time is there anything I should be doing? any reading material you ladies can recommend? Any help, tips and advice is much appreciated.

Yellie x

eskimoflo Tue 04-Aug-15 16:33:02

Hello! I suggest that you join one of the threads / buses on the boards- they're full of lovely people who will give you lots of advice and support. I have found them invaluable. I'm on the Bumsnet thread, along with others who will welcome you with open arms. Hope to see you there! Here's the link:

kaymondo Tue 04-Aug-15 16:37:17

Start taking folic acid now!

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