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TTC - implantation bleeding experience anyone?

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Tabby84 Mon 03-Aug-15 18:40:24

Hi all,
I've been ttc for 5 months. Cycles are irregular, especially since I was hospitalised with a bug on our supposed "baby making" holiday in April sad May was 40days cycle and June 36days. This month I had spotting CD22 and read about implantation bleeding. Last week I felt sick a couple of days and exceptionally tired but no other symptoms. CD32 (Saturday) I had more brownish/pink spotting and wasn't expecting AF until at least CD36 so again was thinking maybe IB. The flow picked up a bit Sunday and I did have fresh blood so assumed it was indeed the dreaded AF. However it wasn't heavy and has stopped all day today with a bit more spotting this evening. I'm technically CD34 so can't decide if I'm just having a light period or it could be IB. I'm shattered and very tearful at the moment, but other than that, no symptoms.
I was just wondering if anyone could share their experience of IB? I didn't want to do a test until absolutely necessary this month as it's such a disappointment when negative so wasn't going to wait until at least CD36 (thurs).

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