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Hello me again, only ANOTHER confusion! Help pleaseeeee :-)

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shannonb94x Mon 03-Aug-15 13:51:17

So im currently 9/10dpo give or take a day. Since 3dpo iv been having on & off very sore boobs. Constant period type pains & i mean constant! & since 6/7dpo iv had nausea every now & again. So decided to test my luck today & low & behold, a faint line!! It popped up at roughly 7/8mins (test says upto 10mins) it was one of those internet cheepies? habe i pushed my luck too much? Could it be an evap? I would post a pic but it really is that faint. It doesnt have to be held in light or anything to show but camera doesnt pick it up! Any suggestions? Xx

Junosmum Mon 03-Aug-15 13:57:54

If read in the time it is unlikely to be an evap. Do another! Preferably with first morning urine but, you know, if you can wait that long!

Remember though that a BFP this early could result in nothing, sad but true.

Fingers crossed for you.

shannonb94x Mon 03-Aug-15 14:01:59

I know i dont know why i tested this early, im going crazy! :-) hopefully if it is a true positive iv got a sticky bean. I have told ANYONE not even dp as i want to know for sure :-) thinking about grabbing a first response on way home, arw they better than internet cheapies?

shannonb94x Mon 03-Aug-15 14:02:40

thats meant to say i havent told anyone haha!

DizzyMerry Mon 03-Aug-15 15:06:32

I had a very faint line on an ic with fmu at 12dpo and couldn't get it to show up on a pic. I tested the same day on a FRER and got a clear positive so yes it's worth testing with a FRER as they are more sensitive. Fx for you.

BifsWif Mon 03-Aug-15 15:09:02

I got a faint line on a first response at 9dpo - could you get one to do in the morning?

Sounds promising! Good luck

shannonb94x Mon 03-Aug-15 18:15:39

I bought superdrugs own test as iv heard there good, going to try it in the morninf & see what happens :-) iv had a lot of weird abdominal achy pains today so hope af isnt on her way & its just my body preparing itself for a sticky bean :-) i stupidly done a digital early, god knows why i knew it would pop up 'not pregnant' im definitely going crazy blush x

shannonb94x Tue 04-Aug-15 12:00:07

was going to do a test this morning, but it seems iv started spotting (14dpo), a whole 4 days early! How evil angry so guess im out this month! Hopefully next month will be the one & i will be stepping away from early testing blushgrin

shannonb94x Tue 04-Aug-15 12:01:52

Also forgot to say, my calculations were way off in my first post. I was not 9/10dpo, more like 12/13 blush sorry ladies!

cookielove Tue 04-Aug-15 21:30:57

Is it just spotting? Or real af?

shannonb94x Wed 05-Aug-15 08:08:07

It got heavy last night, i wore a pad to keep an eye on it. I was changing the pad every 3 hours (which is alot for me). But today when i wiped there was jelly like discharge with streaks of blood in confused stupid question now, is this normal? never had it before! & it was ALOT of discharge blush

shannonb94x Fri 07-Aug-15 10:52:57

so period came 4 days early, was pretty heavy & then yesterday it came to an abrupt halt. not one drop, nothing! had what i think was incredibly painful trapped wind last night too angry my question is, as this period was short & weird will i ovulate around the same time? or does it change along with the period?

Rememberallball Fri 07-Aug-15 11:06:15

Could it have been implantation bleeding not af? Is it worth poas again?

shannonb94x Fri 07-Aug-15 17:23:06

I just thought due to flow theres no way it could have been IB? what would you do, reckon its worth testing?

Rememberallball Sat 08-Aug-15 18:16:16

Given you had a feint positive at 12/13dpo within the required time frame for the test, it is possible that you are. Some women find they have what they believe is af because of timing and amount of bleeding but still turn out to have bfp!!

shannonb94x Sat 08-Aug-15 21:06:54

I done a test tonight because i am extremely impatient & could not wait till the morning (oopsblush) & it had what i think may be a shadow of a line, but not a trustworthy bfp. will try again in the morn & if a negative i will assume its a no & possibly a chem pregnancy? not sure but will move on & try again :-) will update in the morning!

Rememberallball Mon 10-Aug-15 11:10:47

How did it go with the morning test, Shannon?

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