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TTC waiting for BFP

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MG34 Sat 01-Aug-15 22:05:55

Hi I'm new to all the acronyms so please forgive me. After an MC at the end of May had my first AF 16th July. I'm getting a lot of the symptoms that I had when I was pg and I thought it was the usual pre AF symptoms.

Anyone else TTC and waiting patiently I have my clear blue pg test in anticipation as they are effective from up to 4 days before AF is due.

Look forward to hearing and sharing your journeys xx

LucieLu84 Sun 02-Aug-15 00:04:19

Hi, I'm new and this is my first post. Been reading lots of posts this eve as I'm TTC and think I may have had IB. Cycles are not regular which has been frustrating. Averaging 36 days. Had spotting CD22 very briefly. Had it again today, started brownish discharge, have now had some blood but only when wiping. Have never had this. Felt a bit nauseous last week and very tired, but been very stressed at work so don't want to get hopes up. AF due around thurs next week based on average cycle length last few months. Trying to avoid testing until after thurs as so want a positive

MG34 Sun 02-Aug-15 00:52:34

Hi Lucielu84 my cycles are also irregular so making it hard to calculate ovulation for optimum conception timing. Good luck for Thursday x

LucieLu84 Sun 02-Aug-15 08:24:58

Thanks MG34! Bleeding a little heavier this morning but still dark. Hope it's not AF come early

MG34 Sun 02-Aug-15 20:08:29

Hi I'd maybe check on the NHS symptom website if you have never had this before to see if everything is ok. Hope you get sorted x

Tabby84 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:33:37

I think it's my period come unfortunately sad
Ps changed username

MG34 Sun 02-Aug-15 23:32:59

I read a website that said don't be disheartened as when your period arrives it's technically the first day of your pregnancy. Try to keep positive and enjoy practicing this month. Take care xx

ZanyZazu Mon 03-Aug-15 12:47:23

Hi LucieLu84, I'm also new so I don't know if I am using acronyms correctly either blush.

DH and I have been TTC for a few years now, and each time my period gets delayed, I get hopeful. I have read about chemical pregnancies and I think this is what I have been experiencing. It gets disheartening when I get all the pregnancy symptoms and as soon as I get my period, the symptoms go away. But I'm trying to remain positive smile.

But the thing is DH has gone away for a few weeks as he's hoping to start teaching overseas, I will be joining him shortly.

But I was wondering if there was a chance that I could be pregnant this cycle? Or if I have missed the window of opportunity?

My LMP was on 20th of July and he left a few days after. So I don't know if I have a chance of being pregnant this cycle? Just wanted to know what my chances are as I don't want to get my hopes up.

Tabby84 Mon 03-Aug-15 18:46:23

Hi ZanyZazu, staying positive helps, I need to do that!
If LMP was July 20th and he left few days later that sounds a bit early. Have you tried ovulation testers? I'm going to try that this month

ZanyZazu Tue 04-Aug-15 02:12:56

I've never tried ovulation predictor kits blush. I guess I should as I don't always have EWCM, leaving me to wonder if I even ovulated sad. But this month I had clear CM even after fertile window, sorry TMI, but I've had that before with chemical pregnancies. I guess I have had too many early miscarriages that I don't want to get obsessed with symptom spotting.

My family and friends wonder if I've not had done pregnancy test, how would I have known if I had been pregnant in the past. But it's because I get all the pregnancy symptoms and when my period would be delayed by at least two weeks, and I'd start bleeding really heavily and it would last a day or two and then the symptoms go away sad

But I'm now thinking that there may be an underlying issue which leads to early miscarriages. I still think that it's important to be positive, but my GP thinks difficulty concieving is down to stress.

Perhaps I am more stressed at a subconscious level? Could explain why I'm dreading a birth announcement by one of my siblings as I have been married longer than them and much as I'd be over the moon to have a niece or nephew, I know questions will arise of why I have apparently "decided" not to have children sad.

I really don't like people making assumptions. But whilst I try to remain positive, admittedly it does get difficult to see the brighter side after being constantly being disappointed. I just have to be patient and I suppose when the right time comes along, things will fall into place.

Sorry for going on. I can't sleep sometimes as these things play on my mind.

Tabby84 Wed 05-Aug-15 23:40:41

I know what you mean, I don't want to become obsessed with it but it's hard. Once you've decided you're ready, you just want it to happen immediately.
Had the dreaded sibling announcement last week. Sister in law and brother in law who weren't even trying really, just "let nature take its course" and bam! Pregnant pretty much straight away. It was a shock and yes I cried (didn't get told in person thank god) but have to just be happy for them. I am happy for them but it's so hard when we're struggling and wanted to be first as older.
Going to see GP hopefully on Monday to get some advice. Really thought I was pregnant this month as had IB signs and other symptoms but I think our bodies play tricks on us. Took a test this eve but negative. Doing one more fri first thing then accepting it was my AF, just earlier and only lasting one day hmm

Hope you're feeling better x

namaste30 Thu 06-Aug-15 20:38:09

HI, can I join in? We are TTC number 3 and final. I took my copper coil out on the 17th July. Last AF 7th July, and I have a 35 day ish cycle. I am day 29 and having some major boob pains. I have had bleeding gums which is unusual as I am a dentist and don't usually get that!

DTD on the correct days and have been feeling strange since the 1st August when I had a serious wave of nausea when I was up in the night with DD2 and her chronic ear pain.

Tabby84 My bro and insufferable sister in law are 15 weeks with their number 2. I struggle to be happy for them as my DD2 is 3 and we have had to wait to have another due to international moving etc. I feel your pain. Unusual to have AF 1 day only tho no?

Tabby84 Thu 06-Aug-15 22:40:33

Hi namaste30, welcome to the thread!
Fingers crossed for your BFP. I'm doing a test in the morning, fingers crossed!
Yes, have had some symptoms and random 1 day bleed but I have done one negative test so it's unlikely I'm pregnant. Will see and let you know

MG34 Thu 06-Aug-15 23:38:00

I'm on the countdown AF should be Wednesday I've been having really sore boobs more so than usual and really tired.

I'm experiencing my collegue TTC#2 Ive been in the team 4 years and every year someone has a baby and there's in the family nearly every year.

Good luck tomorrow tabby84 x

xmaslisa Fri 07-Aug-15 01:31:02

Hi do you guys mind if I join you too? I'm new to all this too...on my 2nd cycle of ttc for #1 and had a positive Ovulation test yesterday and am DTD every other day in the fertile window so FX!!
I'm getting on a bit now at 37 and had major open surgery for fibroids and endometriosis in April so am praying for a miracle!!
The ovia app is really good for tracking fertlity, how hard is it not to become obsessed!
Good luck to all! I'll be testing in 12 days x

MG34 Fri 07-Aug-15 08:00:22

Hi xmaslisa welcome!! I had 7 months of ovulation tests resulting in low hormones and they were unable to work out ovulation. After 3 yrs ttc #1 I lost all hope. I did get Pg in the middle of moving house in may then MC 5days later!! sad So FX for this month. Good luck being obsessed is quite normal xx

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