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When did I conceive?

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newmama91 Sat 01-Aug-15 17:12:29

The due date I've been given is Thursday 17th of December.

I've calculated this and used different conception calculators and the most likely date of conception/ovulation I've come up with is Thursday 26th of March.

I'm just wondering could this mean I conceived BEFORE or AFTER this date. By after I only mean a day after.

I had sex on the 24th (a Tuesday) and then on the 27th (a Friday).

This past Thursday I was exactly 20 weeks according to measurements of the baby. I am now 20 weeks and 2days.

Aufwiedersehenpetrarch Sat 01-Aug-15 18:32:50

Congratulations! Does it matter? smile Or is it a case of two different partners? <nosy>

KittyandTeal Sat 01-Aug-15 18:53:14

If you ovulated on the thurs surely conception is going to have happened fri.

newmama91 Sat 01-Aug-15 19:04:10

2 different partners

Aufwiedersehenpetrarch Sat 01-Aug-15 20:24:16

Definitely matters then. If you ovulated Thursday I'm more likely to say it was Tuesday's sperm that hung around to do the job. An egg can sometimes only last 12 hours and so you might not have had a viable egg still floating around by Friday. but I think this is a case of honestly seems like it could be either. confused
Good luck with figuring it out from here re paternity testing if needs be. flowers

KittyandTeal Sat 01-Aug-15 20:52:55

I think you can get a dna blood test while you are pregnant, works in the same way as the harmony test I think.

It would have to be private and I have no idea how much it costs but that would tell you definitively before the baby is born.

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