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inconsistent ovulation

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KK2015 Fri 31-Jul-15 23:38:10

Hi I'm new on here. Don't yet know all the abbreviations so sorry if I'm a little long winded.

My hubby and I are ttc and have been using digital opk for last three months. First month got smiley face and dtd but didn't fall pregnant. I now haven't ovulated for next two months.

It's not just the kits that say no, I know I haven't....No ewcm for last two months either.

I was at docs last month about something else and mentioned this to doc. He was quite dismissive and said that opk are not accurate and just have sex every other day and come back in a year if not conceived. Sex every other day just isn't practical. Also you know your own body don't you?

I just want them to check me out and get me on some medication if not ovulating. I'm not getting any younger, 35 now so why wait around?

I know I'm supposed to relax about it but hard when you know you're not ovualting properly.

Anyone else experiencing/experienced this and can offer any advice/tips? Thanks.

Helloall1 Sat 01-Aug-15 11:10:27

Hi. Sorry to hear about your concerns.

From reading and being part of these threads, it very much depends on what doctor you see at the time. The 12 month thing may be a broad suggestion, but many offer testing before this, depending on individual circumstances.

For me, we had only been trying for four months when saw my GP who offered blood tests and a scan, I opted for scan which showed up a large cyst so I'm glad I had that. I hadn't had any positive opks but prob not using them correctly!

No other issues, so that eased my mind at the time. (we did fall pregnant at that time, but unfortunately it was ectopic)

If you have concerns, it might be worth booking another appointment with a different doctor.

Good luck, it's s tough journey! We would love another baby, hopefully it will happen this month for both of us

KK2015 Sat 01-Aug-15 14:57:04

Thank you! It was one of my usual docs I saw and he was young so probably didn't have the experience of some of the others. I'm going to make another appt with one of my usual docs, if I can, as it's so hard to get an appt at my practice!

Sorry to hear about your eptopic. Hope you get your baby soon x

KK2015 Sat 01-Aug-15 14:57:58

Sorry that should read, it wasn't one of my usual docs!

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